Self agency: your power to decide

Written by Jarka Kunova

Jarka is an Online Business Manager, Business Coach and Digital Creative supporting service based online businesses, SMEs and startups. She brings her practical, human centred and innovative approach to every project and enjoys working in an agile way. Jarka loves writing, photography and travel and she regularly volunteers with Lifeline helping combat social isolation for the elderly.
May 3, 2020

Every day is an opportunity

Many of you are having to face the difficult question of what’s next? The Covid-19 pandemic has forced you to look into the mirror and be really real with yourself. Has it ever been true that you were too busy to do something about your life? Start that hobby you always wanted, explore that business idea that just keeps coming back or leaving that job you’ve been dreading every day for the past so many years…

The world has stopped. Restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, bars and the like are all closed. Your hairdresser, botox lady, nail salon, eye brow specialist, make-up artist and the likes are not accessible. You are likely to be faced with your own insecurities, traumas and feelings you’ve been escaping from all these years like it was a trend (well, actually it was, just not one we spoke about openly).

Even the most enlightened of folks have felt FOMO at some point or another. Well, while the world is on pause and you are faced with your own company and those ‘closest’ to you (if self-isolating with family), the truth about your life is bound to rise to the surface quick-smart. It’s actually a vehicle of liberation. The moment of truth you can’t really escape from.

The direction of your life

Relationships will be re-evaluated, careers questioned, true colours of people surfacing and you are bound to find out who your ‘true friends’ really are. Aside from all of that, the looming question really is: “What are you going to do about the direction of your own life?”

Those of you who have done some personal development work previously will likely look at this pandemic situation as an opportunity to regroup and refocus. You are probably someone who has exercised self-agency and understands the concept of respectful boundaries. You are looking inwards for guidance and not panicking. Or at least I hope you are (looking inwards and not panicking).

On the other hand, if you’ve been numbing yourself for years through alcohol, sex, partying, drugs, social media, gaming, TV, also excessive exercising and all the other vices associated with escapism, then this period of time is likely to be a real challenge for you. Or should I reframe – a real opportunity perhaps? In here lies the truth. If you have ever dreamt about pursuing a new career, starting a business, liberating yourself from a toxic relationship/friendship, this is the time my friend.

If you decide to pursue a new career direction during or after this pandemic is over, I’d be very surprised if any employer would hold that against you. These unprecedented times have already and will for years to come, create previously unseen ability to learn and practice empathy and compassion. As such, it is likely to be seen as a sign of courage if you’ve been laid off, made redundant or stood down and then decided to pursue what you always wanted to do. So what are you waiting for? Pivot those skills of yours, jump into learning about a topic you’ve been curious about and reach out to someone who can support you in this pivotal time in our human history.

If not right now, then when? You decide!

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