“Men…seek money or power…for they aspire to the highest, and this, in their sleepwalking, they dream is the highest. Wake them and they shall quit the false good and leap to the true.” (Self-Reliance) Ralph Waldo Emerson


I watched a rather interesting documentary over the weekend that was brought to my attention by a dear friend of mine. It’s called ‘I am’ and it was produced by the famous ‘Ace Ventura’ movie director Tom Shadyac. It’s not often that something affects me so deeply but this piece of cinematography brilliance emphasizing the concept of ‘we are because we belong’ really made me think…

I Am Documentary

So what is it really about and why it had such a profound effect on me? In a nutshell, it focuses on the elements of what makes people happy on a deep yet scientific level. It also touches on the consumerism elements of our everyday lives and the false sense of happiness that’s tied to acquiring stuff. But what really ‘got me’ was the scientific explanation behind the energy fields created by our own body and how these affect people and what we attract in life. Wow, pretty mind blowing stuff….


Have you ever noticed that a baby or a dog can really pick up on how you feel therefore the kind of energy you radiate? If you are scared of a dog it is more likely to be aggressive towards you and might even bite you; if you are angry or nervous, a baby is likely to cry when you hold him/her… Well, it’s not by accident as your heart emits such strong pulses that the energy fields around you indicate to living creatures and humans how you feel. Unfortunately we have been numbed by life’s distractions that prevent us to truly tune into our own energies let alone feel the energy fields of others. It’s now more so a conscious activity that requires effort and concentration rather than an act of ‘feeling and noticing’.

We live in this body, this shell that makes us forget. It’s almost like we live in a permanent state of forgetfulness of who we are, what we are capable of, what we were born to achieve. We start with no limitations as children and then turn our lives into something that’s full of boundaries. We become limited by our mind, belief systems, religion, society, family and the idea that we are simply not enough. Only if we acknowledged that there is no absolute truth – there is only a perspective. And we most definitely ARE ENOUGH.

It is a real art to block the mind’s distractions and focus on getting more centered however according to the documentary it is actually all about the heart. According to this science, the heart makes most of the decisions whether we realise it or not – the brain is just the vehicle. The electromagnetic field of your heart is 60 times stronger than your brain’s so the power of manifestation through your heart will always be a lot stronger than that of the brain. So how about flipping the whole meditation practice the other way and activating the heart instead of trying to quiet the mind? Did we have it wrong all along?


The documentary also touches on the destructive force of consumerism and how our society promotes the idea of having more therefore multiplying your happiness. The truth couldn’t be further away from reality however we are so numbed by the messages and what we see around us that we keep following this ‘recipe of self-destruction’ without even flinching. He calls it the ‘economics of suicide’ that builds the wedge between people and cultivates a new level of human loneliness. The messages of ‘stand out’, ‘separate yourself’, ‘compete’ etc. all isolate people even further. The digital age makes us believe that we are more connected  than ever yet I feel we have removed ourselves from nature and spend less time seeing each other face-to-face than ever before.


Transformation is my key word for this year and I am laying the foundations of this powerful shift to occur in a way that doesn’t separate me from nature and what’s organic. Listening to my intuition, following my heart and desires and simplifying the world around me is taking center stage in my daily actions and living.

This documentary was a nice affirmation of the choices I’m making and I would highly recommend watching it if you get the opportunity.

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