Have you ever had a chance to play around with words and pay closer attention to their meaning? Perhaps even how they make you feel? Did you know positive words have a higher vibration? Since reading the Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, I have been consciously tuning into the vibrations of words spoken around me and by me. It’s amazing how much your words define your every day reality.

There is a particular resonance in words that can actually influence your goal setting. I am trialing something new this year – I have decided to approach goal setting with soul. For that I had to narrow down my core desired feelings which pretty much guide my intentions for every day.


  1. Flow
  • go from one place to another steadily, with ease
  • to move in a continuous, smooth way
  • to hang loose and billowing
  1. Shakti
  • the female principle of divine energy
  • divine feminine creative power
  • energy, power, movement, change, nature
  1. Authentic
  • worthy of trust, reliance, or belief
  • having a verifiable origin, not copied
  • genuine, real, true, undoubted
  1. Connection
  • the act of connecting
  • the state of being connected
  • a relation of personal intimacy
  1. Abundance
  • a great or plentiful amount
  • fullness to overflowing
  • affluence, wealth


We live in the world where words are in abundance but sincerity is in rations. How many times have you caught yourself waiting to hear those words that validate what you are doing (a job well done at work for example) or the words that give you the permission to be, well yourself. Is there even such a thing anymore as being yourself?

The vibrations of words

Determining your feelings and verbalizing how you’d like to feel in every area of your life is the unconventional way to goal setting yet so much more powerful. Words resonate within you for outwardly actions. You don’t need to get them validated, just live them deeply and passionately.

I would dare you to do the following exercise. Please say out loud the following phrase: “I want to be loved”

How does it make you feel? Vulnerable, needy, loving, depleted, sad, longing, deserving, filled with anticipation?

How about this: “I am love”. How did this resonate with you? Did you feel more at peace with yourself saying those words? Did you feel you didn’t depend on outside validation?


Fundamentally, the difference is in the way we approach our lives. Do we believe we are enough and therefore pursue our dreams and aspirations from a place of confidence and self-belief? Or do we strive for outside world validation and try to mimic others who appear more successful, abundant and happy? Surely they must know something we don’t. Surely they must have something special that we don’t… Nothing could be further away from the truth.

Our words are attached to our souls. All we need to do is to speak them freely and stand behind them without fear or the need for validation. You don’t need permission to be uniquely yourself. Charge forward and unleash your creative genius with words or without, the world is ready for you. It’s time you spoke your truth. We are listening…

Lots of love,







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