I believe understanding your purpose is absolutely essential for living a meaningful and fulfilled life. So what does that mean exactly? The sort of questions that pop into my mind are: how do I show up in a meaningful way every day and what am I doing that will make my mind and body resonate with infinite energy? That fire in my belly, the feeling when I am looking forward to Mondays, when my work becomes the extension of who I am, when I’m truly living in the moment, loving life and ‘happy’ is my constant. That my friend is a place of conscious living that requires your undivided attention and devotion as it’s not something that ‘just happens’. Everything else is just existence or procrastination. It all starts with the acknowledgement of the difference.

Everything in life is a choice

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in life is that everything is influenced by our state of mind and you can chose your thoughts. Even our feelings can be easily governed by the conscious mind. Giving some space to practice your intuition, compassion, empathy and vulnerability are all essential parts of your personality profile. It can be a choice you make to turn these areas of your character on and discover the side you may not be that familiar with.

Don’t be afraid of the ‘big jobs’

It is so incredibly easy to justify some of our unproductive behavioral patterns that sometimes we don’t even acknowledge them anymore as they become part of our lifestyle. It’s easier to procrastinate about things that just seem too hard. You would be surprised how fulfilling it can be to tackle the so called ‘big jobs’. They almost always end up being so much less difficult than we’ve imagined them to be and on the flip-side deliver such gratification which can propel you on the journey towards your goals.

Understanding your purpose

Do one thing each day (or week) that scares you

This one takes a bit of courage and guts. What I mean by these ‘scary’ things are examples of ‘bold’ and ‘visionary’ type of things that can either help your personal growth or the development of your business. Some examples include working with a coach and asking for help; writing to your favourite magazine/business/blogger and pitching an idea to them; taking that course you’ve been longing to do but afraid from investing into your growth etc. These things can be small or big but what matters is that you take action. It can be the best thing you have done for yourself in a long while.

Set aside some ‘me’ time every day

If you aren’t doing this one already then your mind, body and soul would not be nourished to deliver a centered feeling for your prosperity. Many of us believe that taking time out for ourselves is a selfish act. Well, let me tell you one thing: if you are not looking after yourself then you are not in a position to resonate healthy energy towards others either. People that care and are aware will pick up on these things instantly. You will not be in a position to share your gifts if you are not living them, nourishing them and constantly caring for them. These live inside of you, not in others. Sharing your talents when they are blossoming is that much more meaningful and magical for others to experience. Don’t compromise on being ‘wholehearted’…

Immerse yourself in nature and feel the ‘connection’

I understand it is becoming increasingly difficult these days to regularly spend time in nature in some form and shape. Living in large cities, working busy jobs, caring for our families, grocery shopping, cleaning and all the other duties in the world leave us very little time to spare. Everything in life is a choice, just remember that and if we want to make time for something, we will. It’s just how badly we really want it. I am a firm believer in connecting with nature and spending time grounding. Clearing the mind, breathing in fresh air, getting the heart and blood pumping by exercising in nature will all contribute to a healthy body and mind. It is the holistic way of rounding up the elements that contribute to the understanding of your purpose.

contemplate purpose

Embarking on this journey of self discovery is a brave one as it stands. Digging deep and operating from the place of worthiness is a whole other level of consciousness. Finding your purpose and understanding your place in the world is the most rewarding gift but it requires work and conscious effort. It starts with a choice you make for yourself. Make it a good one.

Share your journey and experience with us…

Lots of love,



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