Imagine you had one of your most fulfilling weeks where people walked into your life because you are living aligned with your purpose. You are actively listening and attentively hanging off every word these gorgeous souls are sharing with you. You feel the energy nourishing you from within… You are following the cues and pulls of your body and mind so you go along to that yoga class which releases everything you might have held onto that’s no longer serving you. You are transforming and transformation is magic. This was my week…all about living authentically and ‘feeding’ my passion.



This sort of flow is only possible if you are honouring your creative genius  and letting it flourish without a sense of fear or judgement. There is a lot of ‘looseness’ to it and to a degree it’s a bit of a wild beast at its core. So lets examine your everydays, your work, your personal life, hobbies, free time, friendships… Tune into your world and lets see if we can identify your creative genius in what you currently do.


Are these areas of your life what you are most passionate about? Are these the topics you are intensely interested in and can talk about late into the night to people of like mind? Do you feel excited, passionate and full of energy when you do what you do?

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If that’s the case, congratulations you are acting on purpose and more amazing things will keep happening that deliver happiness and abundance. But if that’s not quite the case then dig deeper and examine:

“would you rather be well rounded or would you rather be on your own leading edge?”


Being your own creative genius is finding your edge. If you are consistently aiming to smooth out your rough edges you are undermining your passion, you are sabotaging your growth and ultimately showing up in the world with a mask on. Transformation can be hard, it is often a long winded road full of ups and downs but it’s the only way to freedom and true personal fulfillment.

“Creative genius is not about becoming stronger in things you are weak; it’s about becoming better at what you are best at.”


When I set my intentions for this year I also set my core desired feelings. These are very much aligned with how I’d like to feel in my life. I came across the teachings of Danielle LaPorte last year which pretty much shifted my approach to life; the life that I very quickly realised was no longer serving me. Something had to change. I had to bring my creative genius to life and actively pursue the way it wanted to show up.

I no longer look for life balance, I look for passion.

Becoming Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map licensee is one of the ways I’d like to share this profound journey with the world. Transformation through the recognition of the core desired feelings is a fundamental shift in how we plan for our lives. I can’t wait to share more information in the coming weeks about the program and workshops I’ll be facilitating…

Transformation 3

What I also found is that transformation is just as much a physical game as it is a psychological one. The tension we hold onto in our bodies, feelings, anxiety and fears might be trapped and in a desperate need of ‘let it go’. For me, yoga is what works – big time…


I recently signed up for a membership with a yoga studio near my house. I always loved yoga and now that I practice meditation and mindfulness every day I found a likeminded community I am learning from. I wanted to share with you my recent yin class experience which was rather profound.

Yin classes are all about release both physical and emotional and the teacher guides the class with kind words. Essentially you feel into your emotions and through breathing you are also able to get deeper into particular poses.  As the teacher walked the room and gently aligned our bodies she walked over to me and her words were: ‘Transformation is magic’.

Almost like a messenger of my inner most desired feeling articulated from a stranger yet so on purpose. Coincidence? Hmmmm, something to ponder over…

If you are feeling ready for your own transformation and might want to work with a coach, please send me an email – I am kicking off 1-on-1 coaching sessions and Desire Map workshops soon and would love to see you join.

Lots of love,



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