No doubt you would’ve heard people referring to a so called ‘work-life balance’… What does it mean, though? When I hear this phrase I automatically think what a bad rep we are giving to ‘work’. Surely that must be the ‘bad guy’ out of the two, right? So why is there a negative connotation attached to a phrase like this? Anyways, I digress… Life in my opinion should be a choice of positive experiences regardless of activity.  I imagine a good balance in life occurs when we chose a job we enjoy, when we set some time aside for our body, mind and spirit to be nourished, when we socialise but also have some ‘me time’ (my favourite). However when things get a bit out of control and stressful (as it’s inevitable to happen sometimes) how do you manage the pressure?



It is recommended we set aside 20 minutes each day preferably twice a day for a bit of meditation. First thing in the morning to get centered and in the afternoon around the time when we are getting fatigued (that 3pm or 4pm slump). It takes a bit of practice blocking those thoughts out, getting comfortable and concentrating on breathing but it’s so worth it. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs I know practice meditation and encourage their staff to do the same. There are a lot of guided meditations you can either listen to or watch and easily accessible online. One of my favourites is by a beautiful life coach, Melissa Ambrossini


This method can take multiple forms: a walk in the woods, at the beach, swimming but also think about activities like walking the dog or doing some gardening. The fresh air, blood flow and adrenalin that’s produced when we move our bodies is absolutely magical. It’s scientifically proven that people that exercise especially outdoors are less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. Go out and appreciate your surroundings, be grateful for the town/city/village you live in and enjoy what it has to offer. I always wanted to live near the ocean – being from a landlocked country I didn’t see the ocean until I was 22 years old. I can’t begin to tell you what an experience it was when I first stepped into the water and went for a swim. It was in Croatia many years ago now but then and there I made a promise to myself that I will once live near the ocean or sea. I am grateful for my live in beautiful Sydney where this is now a reality… what are you loving about your surroundings and how do you enjoy it?


This would be my favourite. You don’t really need any special tools for this to take place. You just need to find something that makes you laugh. I absolutely adore ‘memes’ which I can easily look up on the internet – please don’t laugh when I say my absolute favs are those of Chuck Norris. I laugh until I cry, they are so good. And I can rely on at least 2 people in my social circle that somehow always know when to send me these to lighten up my day. Thanks guys, you know who you are…


I think this one heavily comes down to personality types: the more selfless and caring you are the more you would want to help out and support people so saying ‘yes, I’ll help you with that’ probably just rolls off your tongue without even realising… yep, guilty as charged. I tend to take on too much just because I want to be seen as the ‘capable one’ or simply just don’t want to miss out. It is very easy to get exhausted quickly which is ultimately counter productive to your overall well-being. So just take a deep breath, count to at least 5, think and then respond. Just remember, you can always commit to a ‘Maybe’ and decide later…


And by travel I don’t necessarily mean that super expensive overseas holiday. You can plan a fun weekend away with your partner or friends somewhere nearby your home town and still have a fantastic time. Sometimes all it takes is to break with a routine and a nice weekend away could be that breath of fresh air you so needed. It can do wonders and provide perspective. I always come back from my travels feeling incredibly grateful for the life I’ve created and pay attention to the smaller things that surround me.


To do lists? Cut them in half and learn to prioritise. I love a good list, let that be at work, for shopping, my mini projects etc. but it gets overwhelming when I try to get things done without taking a break in between of tasks. That satisfactory feeling that you get when you complete something on your ‘to do list’ can be rather addictive but instead just listen to your body and mind when it’s telling you ‘this is too much’. Ask yourself as you read through your each item: would you die if this didn’t get done? The answer probably will be ‘no’ so just assign a score from 1 to 10 indicating the importance: 10 being the most important and 1 being the least. I hope this helps.


I can’t begin to tell you how much yoga has changed my life. Not only does it wonders to my posture but it just simply clears my mind and relaxes my muscles to the extent of feeling almost weightless. The energy, the people that come to the classes and the teachers I’ve had thus far all contribute to the serenity that I experience as part of my yoga practice. You can always chose different types of classes to cater for your experience level and the key is to listen to your body. The exercises might be a bit strange at first but give your body a bit of time to adjust and don’t force a move if it’s uncomfortable.

I must say it gets a bit hectic from time to time and I really need to force myself sometimes to slow down and breathe. Conscious living and reflection are key to self evaluation. Take some time to yourself – you deserve it!

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Thank you for sharing Jarka! I needed to remind myself of all of these as I tear my hair out with WordPress!….I need to do a few of these!! xxx


You will get there Angela, don’t worry. It’s only really difficult at the beginning of the journey… Life will provide you with helpful hints and you will attract that helpful hand when you least expect it. Hang in there…


Love these! Especially #2 & #4! I practice both everyday and it’s totally attributed to my wellbeing and success.


Hi Natalie,
it’s great to hear that these are making a difference in your life. It is important we look after our health and well-being… All the best.

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