Corinne and Cameron Boxsell | Business Owners

Jarka inspired, motivated and guided us to be better with our business. We approached Jarka for coaching because we wanted to expand and grow our business but didn’t quite know how. We were keen to gain focus and learn how to set clear boundaries so we can utilise our time better with customers but also with each other. We also wanted to formulate an aligned business plan and Jarka coached us through the process.

We have learned so much from her and felt empowered to implement strategies that made our business more effective and profitable. New customers are finding us online and we’ve never been busier.

Kris Franken | Journalist and Writer

I am so grateful for Jarka’s incredible presence in my life and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing coach. On top of her remarkable life experience, she works wholeheartedly, intuitively and creatively so you feel empowered enough to transform your life for the better.

Working with Jarka was a totally inspired experience. Her ability to keep me grounded through each session while guiding me to gain confidence, courage and clarity in all areas of my life was extraordinary. My peace of mind has blossomed, my career has flowed into new and exciting areas, and my vision of the future is so much clearer.

Jane Dempster | Photographer

If you need direction, grounding or a starting point for change, I encourage you to coach with Jarka. Her intuitive self and her ability to connect with people from all walks of life is formidable. I have worked with Jarka in a number of capacities from website design, social media to goal setting strategies and branding. Jarka’s talent, experience and passion encompass both the creative and the corporate world.

Hear wealth of experience with life itself traveling to the four corners of the world and immersing herself in other cultures, authenticates her passion for a diverse portfolio that comes from the heart.

Leanne Ching | Finance Manager

After completing my CPA,  I didn’t feel I was challenged any more in my role. Jarka’s coaching approach allowed me to develop a better understanding of who I was – an inspired and creative person. With Jarka’s assistance I have finally found the courage to face my fears and challenge myself to take on greater heights. I built the courage and confidence to rediscover who I truly was – capable.

I am grateful for our coaching series that helped me pursue my next career move. I am now so excited about the future and where it would take me.

Kathy Wong | Social Entrepreneur

I have had the honour and privilege of coaching with Jarka. She is a very special soul with an amazing intuitive talent and beautiful energy that keeps you centered and grounded. My life is extremely busy and stressful. I have worked with coaches previously and my anxiety was always a source of a challenge for them.

Thanks to Jarka’s guidance, my stress has completely disappeared as I have learned a new level of mindfulness mastery with practical and easily adoptable techniques. I am now able to live in flow and be present in my body. I feel so empowered and have created a life of ease and abundance. This not only supports my lifestyle but enables me to run my business with more energy and clarity.

Andrea Hogan | Business Owner

Coaching with Jarka was a powerful experience for many reasons. I was struggling with overwhelm and needed some guidance formulating focused and meaningful goals. Jarka not only helped me narrow down my ‘why’ but also taught me how to break down goals into actionable strategies.

Breaking through fear and doubt has come about by Jarka’s intuitive guidance and coaching. This has been especially important during a year of huge personal and professional change. Jarka is always prepared. her professionalism is highly respected and she delivers her sessions in a way you leave feeling amazing and empowered.

Jaroslav Pullman | Business Freelancer 

When I started coaching with Jarka, I was at a real crossroads in my career and lacking direction. I felt stuck, burnt out and frustrated with my progress. Jarka has a particular way of asking powerful questions that get to the very core of problems. I was able to look inward and examine my challenges with fresh eyes.

I felt supported, encouraged and empowered by Jarka and as a result of that I gained more focus and clarity in my life and business. I have since rediscovered my passion for writing and working on a couple of business proposals with a renewed energy.

Zoe Weldon | Social Media and Marketing Maven

There are rare moments in life when you get to see someone standing in utter vulnerable bliss. Those moments tend to be when the person is doing what they love and when they are filled with the strongest sense of purpose. I had the most divine pleasure of watching Jarka eminent and beam this very way of being.

As a small business owner I rarely give myself the time to stand outside of myself, look in and discover, so the weekend retreat was perfect in every way. Working through the Desire Map with Jarka gave me clarity that I’ve used every day in my business since. The best thing ever…

Pru Chapman | Business Owner

I attended an immersive weekend retreat with Jarka digging into The Desire Map and I am not going to lie – it was INCREDIBLE! For me, simply taking the time to do this introspective work was powerful in itself. Jarka was the most gracious host who nurtured us through the process, seamlessly integrating the content as we dug through a range of emotions and histories.

It was an incredibly empowering process and one that I would recommend to anyone. Not for chasing something new, but for reflecting on what is already within us. Taking the time to recognise and honour what we truly desire and moving forward with clear direction and purpose.

Emma Sharley | Marketing and Brand Consultant

Attending Jarka’s Desire Map workshop couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I was at a point in my career where I had more than one option on the table and the question of ‘where to next’? This deeply transformative work helped me identify what I needed to focus on and how I wanted to feel in every area of my life. I left Jarka’s workshop clearer on who I wanted to be and what legacy I want to leave in the world.

Jarka is an authentic and inspiring coach plus an absolute delight to be around. I highly recommend coaching with her to anyone looking to tap into their inner guide.

Sarah Kissane | Business Owner

Attending the Desire Map Workshop was truly inspirational and certainly eye opening. It really helped me dig deep and look inward. Jarka is a wonderful coach. She naturally has a nurturing, caring and very easy going style anyone would warm to. Her voice is calming and she embodies a naturally positive and loving aura.

My cored desired feelings have already made a huge impact in my day to day decision making and improved relationships both personal and professional.

Kylie Hudson | Business Owner

I feel so blessed to have worked with Jarka and attended her Desire Map workshop. She not only created an inviting and beautiful space for the workshop but also facilitated a safe and nurturing space for the deep inner work that unfolded on the day. It was a life-changing day for me and I am so incredibly grateful for this experience.

Cecilia Zenca | Actress

Congrats on the release of your first E-book. I devoured it all in one sitting and loved it! I just wanted to let you know that sharing your story, your wisdom and knowledge has been a gift. Witnessing your journey since I met you has been incredibly inspiring and I hope one day soon I too can look at my life and know that I am living aligned with my values, my purpose and who I am.

Thank you with all my heart for putting your love out there for everyone. You are a beautiful guiding light.

Leah Davies | Copywriter

I loved your E-book, Limitless. It’s so well written, easy to understand and implement and filled with possibility. Your words have been on replay in my mind, imploring me to question and boldly dig a little deeper.

You have reminded me to dream big (bigger than big) and that the work, persistence, patience and perseverance always pays off when you follow your dreams. Thank you!