About a month ago I embarked on writing to you about a mid year goal check in – basically a self reflection looking back at the last 6 months and seeing how far you’ve taken your goals. I was all geared up towards listing some handy tips for you on how best to evaluate your journey thus far this year and I just couldn’t get beyond the first paragraph.


As with everything in my life, I started digging a bit deeper and challenging my resistance towards writing. I am at my most creative when I am well rested and actively schedule time into my diary for self care. And there it was: staring into my face the big realisation of how much I have neglected my basic self care and eventhough I’ve been doing so many exciting things lately, they have been very taxing on my energy levels.


It’s winter time here in the Southern Hemisphere and I think I’ve been in the mindset of wanting summer and everything that comes with it so badly that I pushed my boundaries just a little bit too far. Talking to a girlfriend of mine we noted that most Sydney siders would have a very eventful lifestyle whereby there is always something to do around town. It is most definitely true about mine.

My body and mind however have been craving some quiet time – space and opportunity for a full body and mind immersion into surrender. The sweet art of doing nothing… It only took a few days like that and I can’t begin to tell you how much different I am feeling for it. Going out into the world fully rested and energetically charged will enable your natural creativity to flow.

‘In the depth of Winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible Summer’ Albert Camus


I am gratefully accepting the guidance of my incredible coach who is so intuitive when it comes down to my overachieving nature. My latest sessions were about grounding myself and becoming one with nature. I used to live near a beach and did a lot of walking on sand and grass barefoot. My most frequent exercise these days is yoga which I practice almost every day but really miss the outdoors and grounding in nature.

So I’ve decided that if it takes to actually schedule some time to get around Sydney and discover some walking trails then that’s what I am going to do. Sydney is such an incredible city for an outdoor lifestyle; it almost goes against any logic not to enjoy it. So this weekend it was all about soaking up the sun and hiking near the ocean. It surely helped that the weather played along as well and delivered one of the nicest winter weekends we had this year.

Outdoors waterfall


So often I talk to people who compare themselves to others and feel inadequate in their pursuit of what they want for themselves. We are the worst enemies of our own progress – fact. We self sabotage and dull down our creativity in a fear of being judged – also fact. Instead I would challenge you to do an exercise of writing out everything you have achieved, done, took a risk on etc. this year. Look at the ways you helped others, the product or service you brought to life or anything really. So think back to last year same time and ask yourself: did you think you would be where you are at today? Yeah, I didn’t think so either…

My life has changed so much since last year that sometimes I still think it’s only a dream – I am not only so much happier and feel more fulfilled but also I am approaching my every days with a very different outlook. Presence and mindfulness in everything I do pretty much guide my reality and as a result of it, I have attracted some amazing people into my life.

believe in yourselfAND most of all, I am walking around the world with open eyes, open ears and a very open mind. I am learning so much that my cup is full; in a matter of fact overflowing. My coaching clients are teaching me more about myself than I could’ve ever bargained for and I am very grateful for that.

How are you coming along with your energy levels and presence? Are you conscious of what you need every day to live out your creative genius? Are you pushing through resistance but at the same time respecting your natural flow? Remember: in everything we do, we ought to find an equal amount of effort and ease.

And on that note, have a fabulous week and be kind to yourself. Life is beautiful…

Love and light,







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Such a beautiful piece of writing Jarka. I felt you were writing from a place of peace and serenity. Some thought provoking questions that I have taken on board. Thank you!


Thank you, Liz. Today was the first day I felt revitalised again after recharging over the weekend. Thank you so much for your kind support – means a lot to me. Have a fabulous week. xx

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