I’ve missed you gorgeous peeps! It’s been a bit of a ‘radio silence’ for me since the first week of March but what I can tell you with confidence is that magic was created during my two Desire Map workshops which is where I’ve been joyfully spending my time. I am also very excited to share with you that my gorgeous co-creator ‘Progress Maker’ at designedbylife HQ will be joining me on the journey of sharing stories with you. Andrea is a bright star who brings joy, fun and heaps of creative energy into my life and I know designedbylife will be that much better for it. We attended this amazing event called ‘Self Love Series’ by the incredible Daily Guru and Andrea has a recap for those that missed out…Enjoy x


By Andrea Hogan

It started with a little flower and a bunch of self love!!!

It was a special day for a few different reasons. It was my Mum’s 64th birthday; she is radiant and sweet and I love her!

The Self Love Series also kicked off with the first of five, two hour sessions at the Centennial Dining room, hosted by Bec Caines, our Daily Guru ‘go to’!!

The location of the venue was visually stunning. The start time coinciding with a perfect autumn sunset in Sydney. I arrived early (my usual habit of not checking times and guessing it was around 6 – I was off by half an hour).

I had to check myself for a moment; my pre-work was ‘self love’. Can you answer what you’re presently challenged with? I know I’m loving myself some days more than others. But what am I challenged with? Great question!

Definition of self love

A quick Google definition search to get me rolling…



regard for one’s own well-being and happiness

OK, so how is my own well-being and happiness? I’ve been doing a bit of work on this lately so I’ve got a few ideas… I think?

I jotted down some private thoughts based around my core desired feelings, however really had to dig a bit deeper for this one.

The greeting at registration was warm and we were shown around to allow time to network and browse some of the merchandise stands. There were beautiful Tibetan and Indian home-wares from Decoco home and I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Karen from Combardis Elixir who is the creative mind behind the 100% natural aromatherapy body and face mists. Her generosity extended to us receiving a lovely tester which has been put to great use already.

The connection to a mediation and affirmation for each mist is beautiful. Very soulful and mindful.

I’m usually very nervous going into events. Asking myself, what am I going to talk about, who are these people, they must be better than me and much more successful – I’ve been realising of late that we’re all on a similar journey and I believe in myself. It must be my first time arriving to something like this in a very present state of mind. There was no worry, no thinking, just enjoying and letting my evening flow with my dear friend Jarka.

Mind Detox with Debbie Spellman

We had a beautiful bunch of flowers from Little flowers to surprise us on our front row seats. Bec delivered the intro for our very pregnant and glowing speaker, Debbie Spellman.

Debbie Spellman and Bec Caines

Debbie created Mind Detox (what a great term) – I’ve been detoxing my mind for the past 3 weeks after resigning from my corporate gig, which was no longer serving me.

What I loved about Debbie’s insights, as well as her absolutely stunning slides reflecting soft summer images, were the basic tools provided to help us question ourselves during our daily life … identifying what we find difficult to change, such as negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Creating new evidence on these creepy crawly thoughts that pop into our head. As Debbie most rightly pointed out, these thoughts are not real unless we make them real. Recreating that false thought of not being good enough or being hopeless is only our own perception.

Program your mind for success

I particularly liked Debbie’s reference to thoughts being like a pathway at age 15, and then growing to a highway during our 20’s and then, if reinforced, suddenly becoming a super highway and running out of control in your 30s 40s and beyond.

Going back to my Mum, who I suspect was never asked about what self believe she’s struggling with, I feel so blessed, grateful and abundant having people like Bec, Debbie and Jarka in my life to provoke these thoughts and feelings for all generations. To be present in this moment and to catch those self-sabotaging words that women and men put into their heads creating a life long toxic mind of worry, fear and resentment, is priceless.

I heed anyone to ask themselves, “when it comes to self love, what specifically are you challenged with?”

Start being kind to yourself and observe the positive changes taking affect.

Love & sunshine,







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It was so so lovely to have you two gorgeous ladies join us on Wednesday night! Your energy & passion for this subject is amazing & so thrilled you will be taking part in the full series!! Sending love.x

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