When I thought about inviting a guest to talk about the concept of ‘not being for everyone’, there was one person who popped into me mind immediately: Sarah Jensen. I first met Sarah online and I was fortunate enough to connect with her through our mutual interests: blogging and coaching. But as time went on and I’ve got to know her a bit better, her sincerity, honesty and genuine desire to help others stood out to me in a very distinct way.

My interview with Sarah will give you a rare insight into her life and just how many tough situations she had to ‘wrestle’ with to get to where she is today.  We talk about the concept of owning your truth and overcoming the fear of being judged by others, seeking a better life and getting out of depression.



Sarah Jensen is a writer, speaker, goal rocking coach and podcast host. She helps big hearted bloggers, dreamers, creatives and business mavens rock their goals and love their life.

She is the creator of the award winning Rock Your Goals workshops and the Rock Your Goals online course. Sarah is all about helping people everywhere get crystal clear about what they want, how they want to feel and how they can bring their big, beautiful dreams to life.

Her words and thoughts have been featured on the Huffington Post, Inspired Coach Magazine, Blog Society, ROOOAR Magazine and the Elephant Journal, and Sarah is a proud feature writer for Event Head Magazine.


I’ve been fascinated by the concept of courage, free will and pursuing what feels good in life. My candid conversation with Sarah leads us down the path of discovering just how many different elements there are to the concept of being worthy and deserving.

Sarah will give you a rare insight into her childhood, how her parents separating effected her sense of worth and just how many hobbies and personalities later she decided to reach out for help.

To find out what served as her catalyst and eventually the beginning of her blogging and coaching journey, please tune in to watch this 30 minute interview.

You will be able to get to know one of the most inspiring women I’ve met in recent months and hopefully connect with Sarah’s story that can help you shift your mindset towards your unique truth.


You can connect with Sarah via her :

+ website

Let me know what you thought and leave me a comment below. If there are any particular guests that you would like to hear from, please let me know and I will approach them to be interviewed on Mindset Matters.

Love and light,


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Thank you so very much for having me over for your wonderful interview series Jarka. It was an honour and a pleasure to talk with you. Sarah xx


Loved our chat – thank you for sharing your story and the lesser know facts about your life, Lovely xx


Such a great conversation! Thanks for sharing Jarka!


I am glad you liked it, Nicola xx Thank you for stopping by


I’m so glad you enjoyed it Nicola! 🙂

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