Nothing in life happens randomly and those in the ‘spontaneous camp’ right now shaking their heads, well even those events have something very strong and powerful behind them: this overwhelming sense of ‘inner push’ that tells you to pursue what feels good. The more comfortable you feel within yourself, understanding what you trust and want, the more you tend to listen to your intuition. That’s the end of the rainbow where the magic happens…

When things seem too hard, too forced, when you constantly have to hustle to the point of energy depletion, lethargy and just an overwhelming sense of not seeing any results, well, I hate to brake this to you but you are probably pushing a load of s**t up the hill. Definitely not an activity we were dreaming about as kids. No doubt at one point or another we all found ourselves in a camp of ‘WTF’? Last year, this was me and some pretty toxic people and events had to make me realise I deserved more out of my own life. So my ‘shift hit the fan’ and I can’t emphasise enough how liberated I felt afterwards. Only then I started seeing, really truly seeing and noticing things around me. Awareness heightens the senses and suddenly I felt like I stepped out of a dreary foggy movie scene I’ve been permanently living in.

Desire Map Workshop


On this journey I came across Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map book – not only a book, but a GPS to your soul. A simple concept one might say however I have always de-prioritised myself and never really entertained how I truly wanted to feel in each area of my life. I was under the impression what successful people had, what they did, how they looked, behaved, spoke, where they spent their time etc. was the metric for a successful life. Surely if you mimic that path it would lead you to your own success? Well, actually that path is something you create for yourself – from the inside out. A life that feels good on the inside first and then the rest will naturally become a true reflection of who you are and what makes you happy.

As I started shifting towards my inner world and allowed myself to be empowered by my own desires to feel good, I stepped into this pretty strange state of being where decisions and situations were governed by how I felt right then and there. I must say since this time I have naturally found myself in the company of amazing people, started projects that I am passionate about, I am spending less time with friends that complain and talk about others and people that have known me for a while keep asking what changed as they ‘want a piece of it’. So I found myself talking about the Desire Map and the principles almost every day to someone. When Danielle LaPorte decided to open up her Desire Map Licensing program this January, I felt an overwhelming pull to jump on board. And what an amazing journey this has been thus far.

I held my first 2 workshops in March – one was a one-day format in Surry Hills and the second one a long weekend retreat at Hyams Beach. Very different dynamics and groups and I’ve learned so much in the process of it.

Deesire Map Workshop at Hyams beach


My gorgeous fellow ‘Progress Maker’ here at designedbylife HQ, Andrea Hogan helped me get organised with all the logistics around event planning. I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed every single detail of the preparation, from the flower arrangements, to the writing of the tags, affirmations, meditation segments etc. We had Andrea’s very creative 6 year old daughter, Emersen decorate our goodie bags whereby she choose some soulful words and motives that she tirelessly worked on over a course of 3 weeks. It was a lovely reminder for us all to remember our curiosity, sense of wander and eagerness to play and create just like when we were children.

Desire Map Workshop

Soulful connections were made, there was a lot of laughter and the occasional tears as we shared our stories and aspirations in the quest of building more authentic lives. We meditated, we celebrated, we bush walked, we swam in the ocean and walked on the beach, we used a selfie stick taking photos in the most gorgeous sun light, we had some spontaneous psychic readings (no doubt there will be a blog post on this one soon) and created some truly meaningful connections for life.

Desire Map Workshop

So here is a recap through my camera lens and the words of our gorgeous participants:

By Sarah Kissane from Reliable Resourcing

“Participating and being part of the desire map workshop was truly inspirational and certainly eye opening. It really helped me dig deep and search within to really think about what I really want out of life and for myself. The workshop was absolutely brilliantly planned. The morning was fantastic to let go of everything and for us all to know each other. Anyone who is looking for something more in their life but not sure what or how to go about it, this is a great course that helped me really focus on positive elements in my life and understand what’s missing. The entire course really helps you dig within and certainly makes you think about things that you perhaps haven’t considered before. As a group we all bonded really well and were able to express true feelings without judgement. It was truly wonderful to be amongst new friends who were on a journey too perhaps different to your own but no less important. The group all were very caring and reassuring and it most definitely was a safe space to share your deepest darkest feelings if you wished to do so.

Jarka is just a wonderful coach. She naturally has a nurturing, caring and very easy going style anyone would warm too. Her voice is calming and she embodies a naturally wonderfully positive and loving aura. She made the environment look, smell and feel beautiful, her efforts with making it naturally beautiful along with positive reinforcements of images and words was just wonderful.”

Desire Map workshop

By Emma Sharley

“Attending Jarka’s Desire Map workshop couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I was at a point in my career where I had more than one option on the table and the question of ‘where to next?’

Following Jarka’s coaching and guidance, I was able to uncover and access my core desires. Working through the Desire Map, I tapped into my purpose and goals, the driving force behind the next career move. I left Jarka’s workshop clearer on who I wanted to be, where I wanted to go, and what legacy I want to leave in the world.

Jarka is an authentic and inspiring coach, plus an absolute delight to be around. I highly recommend her workshop to anyone looking to tap into their inner guide. Once you start living to your desires and strengths, anything is possible.”

Desire Map Workshop


By Andrea Hogan

“A beautiful Sydney Autumn day and I’m being dropped off at my first Desire Map workshop hosted by Jarka. The space is beautifully set up and welcoming.

Jarka’s warmth and soothing energy is felt by each lady who walks in. We’re all chatting and nibbling instantly and there are already bolts of laughter. Our group is diverse in so many ways but our curiosity to get to the root of our true ‘desired’ feelings is common.

I really didn’t know what to expect, although I do believe in the power of our spoken words and that fascinates me. We explored the different areas of our lives and talked through experiences and the past – so important to start this part of my journey at this time as I have recently left my corporate career behind and on a search for more meaning.

There were moments for meditation which really helped align my feelings and thoughts. It was powerful, I delved deeply into my soul and found the experience flow easily.

The end result of my day was identifying my core desired feelings, they were exciting and felt like home, safe, loving, inspirational and simple. The words that resonate strongly will change throughout my life, however the knowledge of how amazing life can be is now instilled. What is inside my core and how I feel daily is life changing.

Anyone will flourish from attending these sessions – they are real, they are soulful and they are what I have been searching for. Thank you from my heart and soul Jarka.

#gratitude #radiant #abundant #courageous #enlightened”

Desire Map Workshop

By Norah Lynn from Paradigm Switch

“Jarka’s Desire Map Weekend was delicious. Her warm heart, sense of fun and ability to lead, meant I could relax and explore what was there for me with total trust. She looked after every detail and a few more I hadn’t thought of!

Here are a few of the core desired  feelings from the weekend – connectedness, joy, curiosity, fun, authenticity, alignment, beauty, flexibility, flow, sacred, secure, caring, abundant, clarity, excellence, alive, kind, energized – you get the picture! I narrowed them down to 5 and still playing with them to see what feels absolutely right for me. For anyone who is on the path of discovering what they truly want to do in life, this workshop could be the catalyst and a perfect first step. Highly recommend it…”

Desire Map WorkshopDesire Map WorkshopDesire Map WorkshopHyams group

I am pleased to say that whilst I work on my online format of this amazing workshop, I will be holding another in-person event at the end of May in Sydney and you can book directly through this link. We’d love to welcome you – there is nothing more powerful and amazing then a human connection and this course facilitates that and more. A true loving community of like-minded people – come and play with us…

Lots of love,






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