It’s been 2 weeks now that I’ve been back in Sydney after an amazing 5 week holiday in Europe and the Middle East. The time spent away thinking and reflecting was invaluable. I found myself browsing through my photographs this morning and reminiscing of the incredible beauty and adventure I was exposed to during my time. One of those places that absolutely took my breath away was Prague – it looks very different to the city I remember as a child visiting many many years ago. If you need some inspiration on this Sunday afternoon I hope I can entice you by sharing my Prague photos. Enjoy…

Prague river side
 Prague Charles Bridge

 Prague door handle

Prague Old Town

Prague river sidePrague Dancing HousePrague old squarePrague at nightPrague Prague rooftopsPrague at nightPrague main squarePrague Charles BridgePrague CastlePrague streetsPrague Clock Orloj

What really surprised me about the city was the amount of tourists that I had to fight for a little piece of heaven in this gorgeous city. The weather was perfect – sunny almost every day I was there except for a quick shower one day that delivered those dark angry blue skies you can see in some of the photos of the main square. It just added that extra layer of personality to the place so I was definitely not complaining.

Early September is a good time to visit as the weather can still hold off and deliver nice 27 Degree Celsius temperatures with lovely sunshine and almost no humidity. But autumn and spring would be absolutely magnificent in this city as well.

I hope you have enjoyed this little sneak peak into Prague’s beauty and visit at least once in your lifetime. I’d say it is a bucket list kinda place.

Have you ever visited Prague and if so what was your favourite moment? Please share with us…

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