5 ways to start a business with no money

I know what you are thinking – starting a business without money is impossible! What if I told you it’s one of the biggest myths about business building. It’s also one of the main reasons why people just never give their business idea a go. I am only listing 5 ways to start a business … Continue Reading

Build a business without giving up your day job

I turned my side hustle into my main hustle at the beginning of 2018. I honestly could’ve never imagined that one day I will run my own business. If you would’ve asked me even just 12 months ago whether I could ‘take the plunge’, I would’ve hesitated. But one fine morning in November 2017 after … Continue Reading

Having a positive attitude at work

In my last article “Work-Life Balance and Positive Wellbeing” I introduced the latest research about having a healthy wellbeing around work, and outlined how “having a positive attitude” is now academically known to be a core prerequisite. Today we’re going to take a look at just how positive your attitude really is. Having a positive … Continue Reading

Work-life balance and positive well-being

Look around you, the case for work-life balance and positive well-being is everywhere. But do you have the skills to make either a reality for you? Over the last two articles I have written some uncomfortable but perhaps relatable words. I painted a rather blue picture in my first article of the chaotic and puzzling … Continue Reading

How to start a side hustle?

If you ever wondered how to start a side hustle, then this post is for you. I promise that both the very practical folk and those working more intuitively will find this article useful. My aim is to encourage more people to pursue their passion and at the same time practice skills that can expand … Continue Reading

What type of day did you have today?

Are you obvious (or turning a blind eye) to situations that result in distress, and those subsequent behaviours that exacerbate this? Do you know the difference between eustress – that positive buzz that comes with those tasks or situations that feel achievable – and distress – the result of challenges or situations where that motiving and ‘positive buzz’ has … Continue Reading

Our workplace existence

IS EVERYONE GOING CRAZY OR IS JUST ME? Hello. Tough day at work? They need this and they need it now. Make it the best that’s out there, but they still want it now. Do this, do that, read this and that, and all these as well… you need to, to be the best. They … Continue Reading

Mindset Matters interview with Claire Baker

WHO IS CLAIRE BAKER? Claire Baker is an Australian women’s coach who currently resides in London. She teaches women the art of self care, creative rekindling and how to live life aligned with their menstrual cycles. I’ve been following Claire’s journey for a number of years now so I was super thrilled when I’ve got … Continue Reading