I’ve been thinking about ‘reflection’. The kind where you look back and appreciate everything that propelled you forth even if it was trauma at the time. I’ve embarked on a huge transformational journey last year and I met people along the way who not only helped me gain perspective about my own life but also taught me about life in general.

Everybody had one thing in common: they all had a story. A series of events that served as a catalyst for their transformation. Just by reading, listening or watching their stories I realised just how much it’s been helping me to examine my own mindset journey. Understanding that I am not my thoughts and I am truly capable of creating my own reality.



‘Mindset matters’ is a video interview series that introduces leaders and passion fueled advocates in their field of expertise and highlights their journey of understanding their mindset. We’ll be taking a closer look at their experiences with limiting beliefs that kept them small and fearful and examine the ways they overcame these.



My first interview is with Rachael Kable, a mindfulness mentor, workshop facilitator, blogger and the host of her podcast, The Mindful Kind.

I first came across Rachael’s work through her incredible website when I was searching for information about mindfulness. We have since collaborated in different capacities and I knew she was the perfect first guest for ‘Mindset Matters’. We share a common interest and belief in the power of mindfulness.



Rachael and I talk about:

+ mindset blocks, overwhelm and negative self talk

+ what is mindfulness and how it can help you observe your thoughts

+ simple mindfulness practices that you can easily adjust to your lifestyle

+ Rachael’s very practical mindfulness tips and her own practice

+ how to make mindfulness fun and easy

+ Rachael’s personal story behind her decision to become a mindfulness advocate

+ her fear of public speaking and how she overcame it and so much more…



The more mindful you are, the more aware you are in the present moment. Mindfulness gives you an opportunity to change your negative thoughts about yourself.


The resources mentioned in the interview:

(1) Chapter on mindful breathing

(2) Mindful Kind Podcast

(3) ‘A journey into Mindfulness’ {Rachael’s eBook on mindfulness}

(4) ‘Remember to Breathe’ colouring sheet

(5) Rachael’s website

I hope you enjoyed ‘Mindset Matters with Rachael Kable’. I’ll be bringing you a video interview once a month and the topics we cover will be in line with the themes of the mindful living series. It’s not too late to join if you haven’t done so yet – by subscribing you will be updated on the release of the next video and also receive the colouring sheets straight into your inbox.

Until next time.

Love and light,




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I loved this interview Jarka!!! It was just beautiful! You looked radiant! You were both so relaxed and yet so passionate about mindfulness!Just gorgeous!


Thank you, Sam. It was such a blast recording it with Rachael. I can’t wait to share the next one soon xx


Congratulations Jarka on launching Mindset Matters! You have the perfect voice for video/audio and I look forward future episodes. So much to love and take away from your conversation with Rachel……but my absolute favourite MEM – Mindfully Eat Me, genius! xx


Thank you Melanie. Yes, MEM is the best! I laughed out loud when I read that in Rachael’s eBook. So clever yet so simple – it’s exactly how I look at mindfulness. It changed my life and I know if can make a difference in anyone’s life who will give it a chance. Thank you for tuning in xx

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