Starting a business can be daunting for many reasons however without actually starting, you will never know whether it could’ve succeeded or not. Regret is one of the most frequently repeated things by elderly citizens, which only confirms that if you’ve got a good idea and a will to give it a go, nothing should prevent you from trying.

Not even age. I hear so many adults complain that they feel like they’ve missed the boat on entrepreneurship because they are in their early or late thirties or forties. Did you know that Louise Hay started Hay House (one of the largest book publishers in the world) in her late 50s? It’s never too late to take a chance on something that lights you up.

My guest today, Belinda Smith and her business partner, Belinda Westblade started their renovation consultancy business when they turned 50. Both courageous, kind and caring, their motivation behind this business is to support people who want to navigate the often tricky landscape of renovating.


Together Belle 1 and Belle 2 have a vast knowledge of all the details involved in creating wealth through property development, and specialise in creating beautiful homes on a budget, creating a designer look at an affordable price with the specific intent to add value. The 2 Belinda’s are passionate about what they do and love coaching others build a life they love through property investment, renovating for profit and creating beautiful homes on all budgets no matter how small.

In our interview we talk about the drive, passion and courage that these 2 amazing ladies have exercised all their lives but especially since they started their passion fuelled business.

Belinda proves it’s never too late to start and how small acts of kindness, information sharing, genuine advice and support can bring good karma and amazing opportunities your way.


In our interview we chat about so many juicy topics:

+ how the 2 Belindas got started and the purpose behind their business

+ the biggest challenge on their start up journey

+ their philosophy around kindness and courage

+ advice for entrepreneurs who want to get into business with a friend (contracts, agreements, responsibilities)

+ setting healthy boundaries and managing time

+ how to work with vendors, contractors and tradies

+ how to overcome doubt when the going gets tough

+ how the best opportunities sometimes arrive unexpectedly

+ what does it mean being ‘consistent’ in the online world

+ tips for getting more PR exposure and how you can do it too



I must admit this episode of Mindset Matters was one of my all time favourites for many reasons: Belinda’s energy is so genuine, kind and infectious. Often times entrepreneurial journeys start out of frustrations (not finding the product or service the person desires so they come up with the idea themselves) or the unwillingness to work for anybody else. But then you come across businesses that are a result of sincere willingness to help and share acquired knowledge and experience for no apparent financial exchange.

I love the notion of sharing your best content for free – if you listened to my latest podcast with Sarah Jensen you would know just how much of an advocate I am of playing the long game. The 2 Belindas started from this exact place – sharing their knowledge and wanting to facilitate that joy and pride someone has when they complete a renovation on a house they are emotionally attached to. Being empowered with the right information, advice and contacts is simply invaluable especially in the renovation game.

I have so much admiration and respect for these 2 ladies and can’t wait to see just how far they will take this new approach to renovating consultancy. You can connect with the 2 Belinda’s via their:




Thank you for tuning in and if you enjoyed the episode, please leave a comment to let us know what stood out to you the most.

Love and light,









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