We don’t meet people by accident – I believe they enter our lives at the right time to deliver the message we really need to hear. When I first spoke to Amanda, I knew I met a kindred spirit. At the time I was pondering over the concept of identifying how to choose love over fear in situations where I felt overwhelmed by fear. Also I wanted to understand how a choice out of love feels like vs. that made out of fear. Amanda of course had some very specific experiences that she was able to reach for and utilise them to distinguish between the two for me. So it’s only fitting that we dive deeper into this topic in the latest episode of Mindset Matters with Amanda Waaldyk.



Amanda is a Doctor of Chinese medicine and a Fertility Guru helping women on their fertility journey. Her passion is to help women who struggle with fertility to realise their dreams of having babies. As she says: “I love babies and bellies.” She is a soulful, spiritual and wise woman who I know you will relate to as easily as I have when I first spoke to her. But of course like with any interview, we always dig deep and try uncovering how one’s journey was influenced by their mindset.


Amanda had her fair share of mindset gremlins from dealing with addiction in her early 20s to then later in her life almost loosing a child all the while having to juggle running a business on her own. She is one courageous and clever woman and here to share with us her wisdom and story.

There are many elements that set her practice apart but one of those distinct philosophies is the spiritual aspect of her healing approach. Her business, Angea acupuncture and yoga, was named after the fertility goddess of Australian Indigenous mythology, Anjea (pronounced An-gee-ah). Anjea is a keeper of people’s souls in between their incarnations, and recreates new children from mud and places them in the wombs of future mothers when souls are ready to re-enter the world again.



Whenever I meet someone who believes in the healing power of the mindset, I naturally gravitate towards their story. It’s fascinating to me to understand the reasons behind someone’s passion for helping others and wanting to make a difference.

Amanda is a great example of someone who pivoted her life at a braking point where she could’ve easily chosen a ‘deep dive into addiction’ but instead she wanted to channel her energy into something that was of service.


“Create space to be quiet and set aside time to make the right decisions.”


We talk about her business building journey and how her life unfolded as a result of it. Like many of us, she started the business on her own and very soon realised just how much what happened in her life effected her choices and decisions.

Some of the main discussion points are:

+ choosing love over fear and how these decisions feel like

+ learning from mistakes and how not to give up

+ pivoting a business model into something bigger and better

+ balancing family life, raising kids and prioritising self care when running your own business

+ resistance and doubt and how to recognise these when they creep in

+ why working with a coach is important when building your own business

+ how meditation and ‘me’ time can reset your thinking and help with decision making

+ what is intuition and how Amanda utilises it in her life and business

+ and so much more…please tune in.




I hope you enjoyed this interview with Amanda. If anything stood out for you that you’d like to share, please leave us a comment or share the interview on your social media with a comment.

Until next time…

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