In today’s episode of mindset matters, we talk about self acceptance and how we can foster a more self loving lifestyle.

I am talking to Alissa Buttiglieri – a wellness and life coach, writer and speaker. She inspires women to build an unbreakable bond with themselves so they can manifest the life they deserve.

In this interview, we dig deep to understand just how someone can break out of a self-destructive behavioural pattern into building more self loving habits.

Alissa shares her own story from being bullied in childhood, through seeking external validation via body building and just how she was able to master her mindset and create that unbreakable bond with her true self.



We talk about the kind of confidence that comes from a place of fear and just how much that can derail us if we are not careful. Alissa talks about her body transformation and how loosing weight was a false sense of freedom for her.

Becoming a personal trainer and supporting others with their weight loss journey was next for Alissa. However no matter how many lives she transformed, she still felt empty and unfulfilled.

What I love about Alissa’s story is her persistence and perseverance to try different things on the journey of finding that bond with herself.




After a number of trials and tribulations, Alissa finally had her breakthrough. It’s incredible just how far she pushed herself to finally ‘brake up’ with self-sabotage.

Alissa shares how she started trusting her intuition and showing up as herself. Consistently, every single day. This wake up call often times happens to people through severe circumstances but it doesn’t have to be like that.

It can start with the awareness of your habits and feeling into them in any given moment to understand whether they are serving you or not.


“People know they need to change, they feel it within that they are not happy but it’s easier to remain in a comfort zone than change. It’s almost like they are clinging onto their habits because it’s safe that way. Without their habits, they feel they might loose their identity. It’s just too risky.”



Picking something that you can do every day, no matter how big or small will help you on your journey of transformation. Alissa talks about her morning routine and just how much of a difference it makes to her day.

I hope you are going to find this interview helpful. My mission is to support you on the journey of busting your fears and creating a strong mindset that’s here to help you build your dream life.

You can revisit our launch video for this month’s theme of ‘Loving yourself more’ here and also download the latest mandala colouring sheet via this link.

I hope you are tracking well on your life transformation journey. I’d like to hear your thoughts, experiences and impressions so please leave us a comment below or visit my facebook page here.


If you enjoyed this interview with Alissa and would like to learn a bit more about her, you can visit her website via this link.

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