I don’t know about you but in the last couple of years I’ve noticed a lot more people talking about intuitive living, mindfulness and meditation. New businesses have sprung up around spirituality, healthy living, energetic healing, kinesiology and essential oils just to name a few, which indicate that we are a lot more open to understanding our energetic world rather than just the material.

If you’ve been following me for a while you would know I am an advocate of mindful living. I start my day with a 20 minute meditation and I actively seek pockets of opportunities throughout the day to truly notice my surroundings, actively listen to people and engage into activities that light me up. It hasn’t always been like that, however and at the very beginning of my ‘mindfulness curiosity’ I had plenty of help to support my experimentation.

One of my favourite mindfulness tools is the line of essential oil mists from Combardis Elixirs. I use them as part of my morning ritual and set intentions for the day.  Recently I was fortunate enough to interview the founder of Combardis, Karen Pethard and learn more about her business, why she’s got started and what’s next for the brand.


Karen is a mother of 2 children, essential oils and mindfulness advocate, a talented business owner and someone who lights up the room with her beautiful presence.

Karen believes organic growth through intuitive guidance is the best way of going about building an aligned business. In today’s interview, Karen shares her personal journey that led to the launch of Combardis and how prioritising self care and education brought about the ideas she now shares through her range of products.  She believes using essential oils is a powerful way of improving not just your physical well being but also emotional.


We dive deeper into the mind body connection and how words and affirmations can help us create new habits and break some that are no longer serving us. Karen shares insights into how fear can show up and shape our business decisions if we are not careful. If you are a parent, you will hear some great examples of mindfulness techniques for children that Karen consciously practices at home with her kids.

I’d love to invite you to watch/listen to this beautiful interview that filled me with so much light, hope and zest for life.

We cover the following topics:

+ the power of words and affirmations

+ morning routines and their life changing effects

+ law of attraction

+ choosing love over fear

+ how to overcome doubt

+ the power of the present moment

+ comparison and how it debilitates

+ why we are should-ing

+ celebrating wins because we’ve come so far

+ love is all we need

+ how to get out of a funk when building a business

+ the role of self care for entrepreneurs


Human behaviour really fascinates me. And not just the surface-y stuff, but the deeply rooted reason for choice. Why someone chooses mindfulness and meditation for example over alcohol and drugs? The motivation behind wanting to improve and live a more ’emotionally rich’ life. I truly believe that our environment plays a huge role in what direction we end up taking. Genetics and how we were raised is an element, of course but the quality of life we will end up creating in adulthood largely comes down to who we surround ourselves with.

I met Karen at the very beginning of my personal development journey. It was at a time where I felt lost, disappointed in myself and unfulfilled but there was one thing that kept me going: this pull to connect with like minded people who would inspire me to explore and encourage me to create. Karen was one of those beautiful souls who showered me with her warmth and kindness pretty much as soon as I met her and introduced me to the concept of mindfulness.

I hope this interview will inspire you to start exploring your own mindfulness journey and in order to support you with that, Karen has kindly offered up 10% off any purchase in her online store. All you need to do is enter the code ‘designedbylife’ as one word into the ‘code field’ at checkout. 

Combardis discount code

You can connect with Karen via her: 



If you’ve got any questions or observations, please leave us a comment below. And if you are keen to learn more about mindfulness, you might also be interested to watch the interview I did with Rachael Kable, the host of the Mindful Kind Podcast.

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