Claire Baker is an Australian women’s coach who currently resides in London. She teaches women the art of self care, creative rekindling and how to live life aligned with their menstrual cycles. I’ve been following Claire’s journey for a number of years now so I was super thrilled when I’ve got to interview her for the latest episode of mindset matters.

As you know, one of my main goals is to bring you content that helps navigating the often tricky playing field of being an entrepreneur and fostering strong self awareness and belief in yourself. As someone who has had her business for over 4 years now, Claire shares some juicy pearls of wisdom in this episode.


What really captivated me about Claire was her sense of adventure and self belief that everything will work out just fine. Claire is sharing some incredible stories about her life that have touched my heart. It’s been such a privilege to be given the insight scoop into Claire’s business and how she’s got started. We demystify the belief around ‘being an overnight success’ and go on a journey with Claire that will demonstrate the hard work behind everything she has achieved thus far.

She says: “Having your own business is such a creative body of work. It’s an extension of who you are so of course it will feel scary at times. The key is to do it anyway. With each step taken, you will gather evidence of things working out that will give you the courage to ‘rinse and repeat’. I have spent a number of years nurturing and growing my business, literally looking after it and I am so excited to see that it is now looking after me. Moving to London alone was a huge doubting journey because most of my clients were from Australia and I didn’t know whether this would work.”

We cover the following topics:

+ why the 9-5 grind was never Claire’s ‘cup of tea’

+ how she started her business and what were the first few years like

+ demystifying the idea of becoming an overnight success

+ Claire’s tips for overcoming fear and doubt

+ intuition vs. the mind and just what roles these play in Claire’s life

+ the power of journaling to access the ‘good stuff’

+ honesty and vulnerability in blogging and sharing the ‘real’

+ relationship breakup and when to share what and why

+ what does it mean to feel numb inside

+ why mistakes are actually useful

+ what’s next for ‘this is lifeblood’


I always thought Claire was brave. She was one of the very few bloggers who would openly share her struggles with some pretty ‘deep stuff’ (like alcoholism, body image and tragedy in family). She also comes across as someone who genuinely cares, wants to help and be of service. It is rather hard these days to sift through people that want to sell you the ‘next shiny thing’ so you can start earning 6 figures in 6 days and those who speak from experience and understand that your journey is unique to you.

Bravery also comes from embracing your feminine and Claire has done that beautifully. She is not only unafraid from talking about the menstrual cycle, she is actually educating people about it via her Instagram stories. Did I mention daily? That my friends is passion, dedication and genuine desire to share what we, women really need to learn more about.

It’s not a coincidence that in recent weeks I have had this overwhelming feeling to dive deeper into the understanding of female desires – you know that deeply feminine that we are exploring but rarely talk about? I believe that our knowledge about the feminine will keep expanding the more permission we give ourselves to talk about it. I have also noticed a lot more women’s circles popping up and women gathering in smaller groups talking about topics that are near and dear to them.

At the same time sharing stories and experiences that enable the kind of connection that social media just can’t facilitate (I am afraid). If you are someone who craves more connection, I’d love to invite you to join us in the Wholehearted Inner Circle by becoming a member (it’s absolutely free) and find out about our online women’s circles that we host each month (which are also free of charge and here to serve you). I can’t wait to meet you.

I hope this interview with Claire has inspired you and that you’ll share it with your soul sisters.

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