Wow, what a month May has been. I’ve been a keen learner and observer since the beginning of this year in the spirit of transformation. Shaking up my every days and doing things differently opened up my eyes to so many opportunities, which I must say have all contributed to a more mindful way of living. This month has been very rich in terms of events, workshops, new connections and experiences – I am thrilled to be sharing with you my impressions.

Mindful in May meditation challenge

Mindful in May

I’ve incorporated meditation into my life at the end of last year (2014) and haven’t looked back since. It’s a daily routine now and I don’t leave my house in the morning before a 20-30 minute vedic meditation session. In light of this new ritual, I choose to participate in the Mindful in May fundraising initiative for clean water projects in Africa. The fundraising page is still open for you to donate until the 14th June so please do so if you would like to make a difference in someone’s life who doesn’t have access to clean water. You can donate by following this link. Thank you.

Women Leading Change (The Wake Up Project)

Seane Corn

This event was by far the best event I’ve ever attended in my life – the line up of speakers was stellar and the presentations resonated so deeply that every cell in my body was invigorated to new heights. The mission was to help women boost their courage, connect with their wisdom, increase their ability for self-care, and gather ideas about serving the world with compassion. Seane Corn, yoga teacher and inspirational speaker extraordinaire, left the biggest impression on me. An exceptional human being who touched me with her story, voice and passion so deeply that I think something actually shifted in me since then.


She emphasised the importance of having a strong intuition built up as creating change is an expression of intuition, which is a skill. Low self esteem blocks intuition and we often times buy into outside influences that veer us off track from who we truly are and our true potential. She is a great believer in humanity and reminded me that love is truly the most important thing in life. Also that our true beauty comes from within – really. Everybody has a story, she says, but the important thing is not to get too attached to our story/narrative but rather being more in touch with our soul and true inner self.

“We change ourselves in order to change people in order to change the system to then change humanity”

Other speakers included Sarah Wilson, Tara Moss, Petrea King, Clare Bowditch and Tami Simon.


I’ve been a big fan of ‘Sounds true‘ and Tami Simon for that matter and didn’t actually realise she will be there on the day (I must have not examined the speakers list thoroughly enough). She’s got one of the most calming and interesting voices of anyone I’ve ever met before. She started by taking her shoes of on stage as she sat down on a chair so elegantly and upright the whole time. The shoes were something else – metallic and groovy.

There are many things I admire about this incredible woman but what stood out for me is how much she has embraced herself and who she is – with such grace and loving nature. I’d like to share some of her wisdom with you today:

+ what would it be like if we walked through life without embarrassment?

+ tell the truth which starts with telling the truth to yourself

+ choose to go for a word even if it creates a risk of a kind

+ showing up fully often means risking a lot

+ speak the truth even if it goes against convention

+ trust your own experience – no one else is here to do what you are here to do

+ we are all asked to do something unprecedented

+ we are part of a big cosmic shift with a lot of different messages being delivered

+ experience the meaning and learn more about it

“Don’t wait to be picked. Pick yourself” Seth Godin


Beautiful You Coaching Course

Beautiful You Coaching Academy copy

Eventhough I’ve been coaching clients since late last year, I wanted to jump a bit deeper into a wholehearted meaningful coaching course that gave me that extra depth of knowledge and confidence. Julie Parker, the CEO of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy has poured her heart and soul into the gorgeous workbook, manual and the online material we’ve got at our disposal. It’s only been a month but I feel like I’ve met some incredibly talented people and learned more about myself than I ever bargained for. The study requires an 8 hour average commitment each week to get through the material and participate in the coaching calls. I’d like to give Elizabeth Murphy a big shout out for being my coaching buddy – she is an incredible woman who I instantly bonded with. A fabulous pairing up work on behalf of the Academy – thank you. No doubt you will be hearing about my experience in the coming months.

A life in Yoga 30 day immersion

A life in yoga 30 day immersion copy

Those that know me well also know I adore yoga – if I am not at home you can most likely find me at my local Surry Hills yoga studio called InYoga. The co-founders, Nicole Walsh and Rod Galbraith put together an incredible yoga immersion program at their studio that encourages participants to attend 5 yoga classes a week + meditate daily + they organised some pretty amazing workshops that emphasise the body, mind and soul connection. What appealed to me the most of course was the sense of community that this program fosters and the genuine connections I was able to make with people who are passionate about the same things I am. There is still one more week to go and I can’t wait to share with you all the goodness I learned and experienced as part of this fantastic initiative. Stay tuned…

Vivid Sydney Festival

I must say the Vivid Festival must be one of the most anticipating events I personally look forward to every year in Sydney. It’s not so much about the lights for me, but more so about the incredible talks and speakers that visit Sydney to share their inspirational stories. I had the good fortune to attend a couple of these this week and interestingly enough also connect with some incredibly fascinating people who I either admired from afar or never heard or met before. The power of connection definitely playing out in my life more and more these days which makes me feel more on purpose than ever. After all, one of my core desired feelings is connection and I am opening myself up to these opportunities. Both talks and an unexpected encounter with a stranger who just happens to be one of the most incredible people I ever had the pleasure talking to will need to have their own story written here on the blog. So please stay tuned for that as well – I can’t wait to share it with you.

My 3rd Desire Map workshop

I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to have hosted my 3rd workshop this year with some incredible women in attendance. I think the flow of the course is evolving beautifully and with the addition of some slides this time around I was able to bring in some visual cues that created some interesting discussions. I felt absolutely 100% in my element and very much enjoyed the discussions that sprung from the connections that were made on the day. There are some pretty exciting collaborations coming up (thank you Universe) and I can’t wait to share my journey with you in the coming weeks and months.

And lastly, Designed by life is turning 1 year old next month and represents the journey I embarked on since last year’s Vivid Festival. One of the events I attended back then was the Blogsociety Retreat that made a profound impact on me and gave me the courage to jump into creating this online presence + so much more. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and my life has changed for the better. Since then this creative outlet became part of my life and I am very grateful for your presence and support here. Love and light to all of you, divine humans.




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Awesome post to start my morning! Thx for the inspiration J. Happy 1 year anniversary 🙂 xxx


Thank you Bec 🙂 Sending you a warm hug on this winter morning x

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