Have you ever considered getting a business mentor? What if you could discuss your business challenges and opportunities with someone who brings a fresh perspective to the table?

Whether you are a seasoned business owner or just starting out, working with a mentor can bring clarity, confidence and direction into your decision making and strategy.

Seasoned business owner

(3+ years in business)

Whether it’s pivoting your offers, launching new ones or scaling up, running a business isn’t always easy. Hiring a mentor could mean fast tracking your decision process and having an experienced ‘sounding board’ when you need it the most.

Early stage business owner

(less than 3 years in business or just starting out)

If you are someone with an idea but don’t quite know where to start, a mentor could guide you step by step towards launching your business. Equally, if you are in the early stages of business building and could use some support, please get in touch.

Side Hustler

(business building alongside your 9-5 gig)

I started my business when I still had my full time job in media. If you are someone who is keen to explore a new revenue making idea and build a business without giving up the security of a steady paycheck, please get in touch. 

Entrepreneurial Executive

(the digital innovator and agile enthusiast)

Would you like to foster innovation, creative thinking and curiosity amongst your teams? Are you interested in becoming more entrepreneurial in your leadership? Working with a mentor who has led innovation teams and managed digital transformations could very well be the support you need.


What does a mentor do?
A mentor establishes a mentoring relationship with you over the long term and supports and guides you in your business or/and career. This person acts like a confidant who you can trust and with whom you can share your fears and aspirations without being judged. A mentor doesn’t solve problems for you or tell you what to do but instead helps you arrive at your own conclusions.

A good mentor is also a good listener, enthusiastic about their chosen field and interests, a lifelong learner and someone who can provide relevant feedback.

The reason you’d engage a mentor is to learn from someone who you can relate to, who has done what you aspire to and who could serve as your sounding board along your personal, business and professional path.

A good mentor makes it easier to know what’s right or wrong by asking probing and often uncomfortable questions all in the name of growth and progress. Often it’s over a prolonged period of time (usually 12+ months) that you truly realise the impact of a mentor on your personal, professional and business growth.

What kind of a mentor are you?
Over the last 2o years in my career, I have been exposed to a lot of opportunities and challenges that have taken me across the world. I’ve studied and worked across Europe, the USA and Australia and have built a successful corporate career before starting my own business.

My expertise stems across: 

+ tech startups (mainly SaaS)
+ online based businesses (e-commerce, service based businesses and courses)
+ media
+ logistics and operations
+ innovations and digital
+ transformations
+ project and change management
+ strategy
+ design thinking
+ human centered design
+ growth hacking
+ content marketing and advertising

I am deeply invested in my mentoring relationships and customise my mentoring packages based on requirements.

How do you work with your clients?
Having worked with hundreds of mentees, I know first hand that most people like to customise their mentoring packages and set up our sessions based on their current requirements. Some people require less frequent contact and like a more well rounded, longer session, where some prefer shorter sessions but more frequently. Then there are those in between.

As a rule of thumb, I usually provide the following 2 options that we could build on:

1. An effective mentoring relationships is longer than 3 months (usually 12+ months) and as such, my requirement is a minimum 3 month commitment with 1x 60 minute session each week.

Modifications to this arrangement include 1 session of 2 hrs every 2 weeks or 2hr sessions each week.

2. A considerable discount applies to those who choose a 6 month commitment with 2 hrs each week. This is a good option if you are working on a particular project, launch or scaling your business and require a more ‘hi-touch’ engagement.

As mentioned previously, customised packages are available however the minimum requirements of 3 months apply.

If you need more hands-on support, you might want to check out my consulting services here.

How much does it cost to work with you?
My pricing works on a sliding scale and depends on the type of mentoring you’ll require. Entrepreneurial executives and business owners with mature businesses attract higher rates due to the maturity of businesses they work in.

Therefore pricing will be provided based on the evaluation of mentoring requirements.

However if you are a side hustler or someone who is just starting out (early stage businesses with little complexity), my hourly rate starts at AUD150.

Do you offer personal mentoring?
Yes, I do. I still do life coaching with clients and also have a number of clients, students and friends I regularly mentor for personal development and growth.

I am a daily meditator, mindfulness advocate and lately started deep diving into stoicism as a way of life. I am passionate about guiding individuals on their journeys of personal transformation and growth.

I am also a regular volunteer with Lifeline and in addition to my volunteering hours, I also offer 3 free mentoring sessions each month to people who need it the most. Please feel free to ask me about these. 


Working with Jarka turned my life around! I regained my energy and passion for work and learning and I found the courage to take on new and exciting challenges. Jarka is incredibly talented and inspiring and has reminded me just how much I am capable of achieving if I apply focus and strengthen my confidence. 

Erin Kreiss, VC Fund Manager

Mentoring with Jarka is a really amazing experience – it is the prefect combination of masculine and feminine energies, combined in a way that is gentle, loving and inspires action. Jarka is a truly supportive mentor/coach who is able to ask deep and meaningful questions, get to the bottom of what you truly want and support you in acheiving your goals. I highly recommend working with Jarka – it’s worth the investment in yourself!

Hayley Donohue, OBM

We founded our tech startup 6 years ago but only truly scaled up after we hired Jarka as our mentor. We are brothers and we often overlooked the need to reflect and tackle some of those difficult conversations we’ve been avoiding. With Jarka’s mentorship, we’ve introduced greater transparency and more strategic leadership that brought about clarity and subsequently helped us not only grow sales but also our team. Jarka was fundemental in this process and we’ve enjoyed her mentoring the way. We’ve been working with her for over 12 months now and can’t imagine not having her in our corner.

Paul and Peter Apostolopoulos. Founders of mCare Digital



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