I’ve been fascinated by the concept of ‘having a place in the world’ and what it means to discover ‘your way of jamming each day, every day’. If there was a time to explore how this looks like for you, it’s now. Not just because we’ve got the internet as a platform but also because we only have one life and it’s unfolding R I G H T   N O W !

How YOU choose to fill your time is entirely up to you. This really includes everything you do – your choice of how much sleep you get, whether you watch TV or not, play video games, how much time you dedicate to social media vs. seeing your friends and family and so I could keep listing out things we just simply ‘do’. When was the last time you conducted an ‘audit’ of your lifestyle? And most importantly how do you fill those 24hrs each day?

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If you conformed and you are enjoying your comfort zone, you like how predictable your life is and you are largely in control, then you are not curious. Without curiosity, there is no personal development. Without self awareness, you won’t know how to relate to others. I would even go as far as saying that compassion and gratitude are only genuine if you have a large degree of self awareness.


Some of us are doers, some of us dreamers, and some of us are both. Doing the work is key on the path of discovering your calling and when I say doing the work I mean you are the one who needs to do the work, not someone else for you. You can take a number of personality tests but unless you go out there and try turning your dreams into reality, all of it is just dreaming, just planning.

Life is the ultimate teacher, not schools, not your parents. Having the courage to take risks, setting goals that are meaningful and resonate with you deep within and make you feel alive is what will give you the energy and stamina to keep going.


And not in a ‘good things come to those who wait’ kinda way, but rather ‘I don’t think anything valuable comes fast’ kinda way. I believe if you are doing the work and you are out there, things will happen. Just be patient with it and keep hustling.


Results don’t come from the ‘on and off’ approach. You are either in or you are not. I see this so often where people keep taking courses, go to workshops, read books, listen to podcasts but then they DON’T implement the learnings that resonated with them!

What’s up with that?

Without the work, consistent work, there is no outcome.

There is a big difference between personal entertainment where you are only C O N S U M I N G , and personal development where you are asked to DO THE WORK!


What that means for you exactly is the part where you explore, you dare, you create, you fall, you rise, you cry, you scream, you celebrate, you loose, you win and anything and everything in between. It is the only path to self awareness and discovering what on earth you’ve been called to do.

And then there is F E A R.

And then there is L I M I T I N G   B E L I E F S.

And then there is I  A M   N O T   G O O D   E N O U G H.

And then I say – B U L L S H I T!  

It’s my trigger word for interrupting those pesky thoughts that creep in from time to time trying to undermine me.

But just for the heck of it I will stay on this with you and guide you through the evolution of why you are feeling like this…


It all starts with this innate desire to be A C C E P T E D.

To be wanted and to belong but not just in any way, but the way it makes us happy, safe, fulfilled, loved and treasured. Like with many behaviours in life, this too belongs to our primal human needs.

Back in the days when humans used to live in tribes and each person in the community had a very specific role, being thrown out of the tribe meant death. These were the times of hunters and gatherers where dwelling in smaller groups was a way of surviving. Our genetic makeup still carries remnants of this fear, which is why we react to any threat that impedes on the sense of belonging.


With evolution, changes occur not just in the way we behave but also in a way we make C H O I C E S.

The degree of fear present in our minds and the fear projected onto us by our immediate surroundings will determine the quality of our choices.

We are however still very much driven by the sense of wanting to be accepted and as a result of that we conform. If you do that in an environment (job, relationship, business, anything really) that’s not aligned with your core values, then you’ve got a problem. It will drive you crazy having to ‘show up’ every day in a circumstance that doesn’t feel good and you will develop the classic symptoms like: frustration, complaining, envy, anger, blame, procrastination, lack of motivation, lack of focus, social anxiety, overwhelm and I could list plenty more.

When you only live in the survival mode, it means living in stress, functioning as a materialist, believing that the outer world is more real than the inner world.


“When you are under the gun of the fight-or-flight nervous system, being run by its cocktail of intoxicating chemicals, you are programmed to be concerned only about your body, the things of people in your environment, and your obsession with time. Your brain and body are out of balance. You are living a predictable life. However, when you are truly in the elegant state of creation, you are no body, no thing, no time – you forget about yourself. You become pure consciousness, free from the chains of the identity that needs the outer reality to remember who it thinks it is.”*



Did you know that you have been designed by life to T H I N K ,   F E E L   A N D   C R E A T E  in your unique zone of genius?

There is a N E E D for your unique gift in the world and there is definitely a place and audience for your self expression and creation.

That fear of being seen, being judged or laughed at is however stronger for some of you, which is why you are U N R E A L I S E D.

I believe that in order to know what your true purpose in life is, you must search for that sweet spot in which your thoughts, feelings and creations are aligned with your unique energy. That sense of E F F O R T L E S S N E S S   A N D   F U N will surface in a way that makes your H U S T L E deliver results.

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There is no doubt in my mind that thoughts shape your destiny. Habits are neuro pathways that your thoughts and responses create in your brain. Imagine these being similar to dirt tracks. The more you drive on that dirt track, the deeper the imprint of that thought becomes. Steering the car into a different direction when the dirt track is too deep becomes almost impossible. Just like it is difficult to change habits and behaviours.

It’s also one of the main reasons why people hate change. The fear of the unknown can drive your ego to the point where your behaviour becomes extreme. Your ego will want to remain in your comfort zone and will try to find someone to blame.

When your ego is behind the wheel in your life, there is no veering off the road. In those instances your ego is also deciding how you feel in every situation that you believe life is creating for you.

It’s very dangerous because this state of being indicates to us that everything is OK with us and that how we are feeling about what’s going on is the actual reality. Changing the way you view the world and fostering courage and a risk taking mindset requires some significant changes to your thinking.


“As the feelings of the body align to thoughts from a particular state of the mind, mind and body are now working together as one. But years of thinking certain thoughts, and then feeling the same way, and then thinking equal to those feelings (the master in the wheel) creates a memorised state of being in which we can emphatically declare our ‘I am’ statement as absolute. That means we are now at the point when we define ourselves as this state of being. Our thoughts and feelings have merged.” *


If you reverse engineer what you want in life and start manifesting that, your thoughts will create that reality now even though you are not there yet. That’s why people say that they were able to create something amazing in their lives just by the power of intention setting. It definitely works – the moment you begin to feel the way you think, you begin to think the way you feel and this energy will propel you forward in life.



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Meaningful connection with others only happens if you have connected to your true self FIRST.

Most people are disconnected from themselves and if anything, they are seeking constant distraction from the outside world to eliminate ‘white space’ in their life. Think social media, TV, video games…


is that internal voice that you can only hear or experience if you create some space and quiet (literally) in your life. The notion of just B E I N G is a key element. Meditation assisted me with this and it took a number of months before I started understanding just what intuition is about. When you slow down, you create space for creativity. For ideas that before were drowning in the sea of your ‘busyness’, ideas that you didn’t even know you had because you were never living in the ‘now’.

It was also the gateway to knowing how I wanted to feel in every area of my life. Goal setting has never been more meaningful and rewarding as a result of this.

I became more S E L F   A W A R E.

I also realised that I don’t need anyone or anything outside of myself to make me feel a certain way – if that’s what you are depending on, your goals are not of your own.

Connecting with yourself in the now – every day, consistently – is how you create that infectious authentic energy that will resonate outwards and attract people into your life who will enrich it beyond your imagination.




Create take 2

Most people think of financial abundance when they hear this word however abundance is a state of ‘being’ rather than ‘having’. I feel like the more I get to know myself, the less material stuff I need to own or surround myself with. I don’t know about you but I’ve always been in a business of collecting experiences and learnings.

To me the ability to travel, speak English (which mind you, most books are published in – hello, gratitude for access to information), learn about other cultures, having the opportunity to meaningfully connect with other like minded people is just another form of abundance.

Creating true meaningful abundance for YOU is directly correlating to the thoughts and feelings you put into action. Like I mentioned before, without doing there are no results. The hustle is real regardless of how you call it. If you are not willing to put in the work, don’t expect to live an abundant life.

Saying Y E S to change is paramount.

Saying YES to discovering why you were put on the face of this Earth is honouring your potential L E G A C Y in this lifetime.

Now why wouldn’t you want to explore that?

And if you feel like you need help, just A S K!

You’ve got nothing to loose and everything to gain.



Love and light,





*Quotes by Joe Dispenza: Breaking the habit of being yourself

Infographic: by Colour Cult for Designed by life





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This was so good! Totally epic. I loved your perspective on this and think you’re totally right. We’re here to Think, Feel, and CREATE! xo


Loved this epic blog post! You totally nailed it. Think. Feel. CREATE! Such a beautiful perspective. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. xo


Thank you my Darling friend. I love that you love it – it means so much to me. this post has been brewing for a while and I am glad I took my time to truly ‘feel into it’. Chat to you soon, Lovely xx


Wow! Love this post! xoxo


Thank you, Christine. I am glad you enjoyed reading it. Means a lot to me…x


Jarka, I love this post. You have absolutely nailed it. Thank you for
Sharing your insights and wisdom. Now I
Must go off and DO!


Thank you, Tracey. I am so happy to hear that the post resonated with you. Yes, doing the work is the key:-) I hope you are well, Lovely x

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