No doubt you would’ve heard this saying before. But what does managing your energy mean as you go about life one decision at a time?

I recently attended a so called ‘energy tune up’ with Lee Harris in Sydney. He is a gifted energy intuitive, channeler, author, and teacher who is bringing an extraordinary new light to our rapidly-changing world. If you haven’t heard about his ‘energy forecasts’, do yourself a favour and check them out here.


Lee has got a presence about him, a kind of aura that not everybody radiates. Of course we were talking about ‘energy’ and how to foster the kind that serves us well but there was something more that I just couldn’t quite explain at the time. So it made me wonder just how easy or difficult it might be to foster a more profound presence when we interact with people but also when we are tuning into ourselves. How does that actually affect the way we show up in our lives every day?


What if I told you that getting ‘real’ with your own energy, learning more about it, being with it, observing it, feeling it underpins your purpose? Would you be willing to adventure there?

Tuning into your own energy and consciously managing it is the first step towards meaningful awareness. It will serve you to gauge what decisions to make and what exactly is the best use of your time.

I often read articles or talk to people telling me about managing time but how would you know that the activities you spend time on are actually meaningful, nourishing and serving you? If you are feeling exhausted at the end of every day it is highly likely that you are not tuned in with your energy even though you might have managed your time very well.


I believe we strengthen our intuition the more we decide in favour of what feels good for us in the moment. I used to succumb to peer pressure and what others expected of me to do just because I didn’t want to be different. Every time I went against my intuition, whatever I was doing just didn’t feel good. It was because spending time wasn’t honouring my energy.


I was observing myself in the last couple of weeks – I felt disconnected from myself. I was getting this overwhelming sense of not being where I wanted to be, not doing enough even though I was busting my chops every day and getting a lot done. I was doubting myself. I was digging deep into the well of ‘I am not good enough’.

I started examining my behavioural patterns only to realise that I dropped my meditation practice on most mornings, I was only going to yoga once or twice a week and I’ve been allowing the stress of the New Year’s expectations get to me. I was misaligned from my own energy field…

I was managing my time really well and getting a lot done yet I felt depleted, I was vibrating on a low frequency and as a result of that I also invited more conflict to enter my life. I was not managing my energy properly.


I’d like to challenge you to sit with this question and write down your answers into your journal or just on a piece of paper.

For me, quality time means:

+ Being present

+ Appreciating the ‘now’

+ Being a curious listener

+ Paying attention to what I am doing

+ Managing my energy mindfully

+ Allowing my body to tell me what it needs

+ Spending time and attention on my self care

+ Being kind with everything I do

+ Setting boundaries

+ Having fun

+ Getting enough rest and sleep

+ Being present with my partner

+ Enjoying the company of my friends

+ Journaling and writing

+ Moving my body in a mindful way

Now take an average day and write down just how many minutes or hours you spend on each of these activities you just wrote down. Then go through the list again and mark any of the items that you actually violate for one reason or another. What is it that you actually do when you dishonour your energy?

In my example of getting enough sleep, I violate this on some days by going to bed late. When you add up the minutes and hours on your list, are they adding up to 24 hours?

I’d like to encourage you to do this inventory from time to time and notice just how much your energy suffers as a result of you compromising on your quality time.

And it is exactly this reason why managing your energy (and knowing what that actually means) is more important than managing your time or calendar every day.

I also wanted to add as a bit of a side note today, that I left Lee Harris’ energy tune up as a more self aware, motivated and inspired individual. I must say this evening made a more profound impact on me than the evening with Oprah. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything Oprah has done in her many decades of spreading awareness however the energy she brought on the night was not the kind that resonated with me.

If you’ve got some tips around managing your own energy and would like to share that with my audience, please leave a comment below.

Love and light,



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That’s so interesting, what a brilliant event with Lee! I find that when I try to ‘do’ too much when bub’s asleep I then feel rotten at the end of the day even though I got so much done. When I just ‘be’, even for a little bit, I feel much more alive. Follow your bliss I say!! xxx


Yeah, the sweet concept of ‘more being, less doing’. It’s beautiful that you are noticing the difference, Kris. Follow your bliss, indeed x


Beautifully put and so correct. Setting your daily intention and meditation is so important. At one time I would have scoffed at the idea – and did. Now I notice the difference in the day. Its like drinking scalded milk – everything is a bit off. Thank you for articulating it so well. Norah


Thank you, Norah for sharing your experience. What a great analogy with the scalded milk. I like that… It’s great that you are more aware of your energy and notice the difference in your day when your energy shifts. x


Love this jarka. Very fitting for me with 8 weeks of pregnancy to go I need to be much more mindful of my energy. I’ll be making a really conscious effort probably starting next week when I’ve finished work to really focus on me time and doing the things that increase my energy. And help me prepare to being the best mum I can when Bub arrives xx


Hi Emily, sounds like a great plan. You will definitely need the energy once Bub comes:-) Enjoy your pregnancy and wishing you all the best. Thank you for stopping by xxx


I love this article Jarka, and I really resonate with this idea: “I believe we strengthen our intuition the more we decide in favour of what feels good for us in the moment.” Energy is so important and your list is golden. I find myself very often choosing action over what is good for me and this new perspective is really refreshing. Thank you for sharing that with me <3


Thank you, Murielle. I am glad you found the article useful. Busyness and the culture of ‘constant doing’ can very easily drain energy and not deliver the desired outcomes. Raising awareness around the difference between time and energy management is definitely something I am passionate about. It’s great to hear it resonated with you…

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