Dharma is a Sanskrit word, which translates as ‘true purpose’. As for drama, well I guess we all had a fair share of that in our lives and it goes without saying, it is the complete opposite of dharma. The first time I was introduced to this beautiful Sanskrit word was through Wayne Dyer’s book called ‘Making the Shift‘. In this book he explains the evolution of the soul and how our dharma longs to be recognised. Not everybody hears or feels the calling, though. People can come and go and never live in dharma.


Why is that? Acknowledging and knowing what your true purpose is, takes a bit of exploring and work. Your dharma might be hidden deep inside of you that you left untapped for years and instead pursued a path that is outside of you – trying to be like someone else. It is easy to do especially in a society filled with advertising and distorted media messages. Years can go by of living a life that just doesn’t feel quite right. A life that still feels a bit shaky, uncertain and filled with fear. A presence where you can’t articulate what you stand for and how you want to feel. If your life is ridden with anxiety and limitations, it’s time to leave the drama behind and start the search for your true purpose. For many of us, this would be the journey back to our true self. But our dharma isn’t just about us. It’s also how we relate to others and how we show up in the world.

I recently overheard a couple of girls over lunch discussing ‘The Bachelor’ show. Then they proceeded to bring a particular friend of theirs into the discussion suggesting how cool would it be if she was one of the girls on the show. The shocking revelation came after this statement. “She is the kind of girl I would love to hate”, the other one replied.

It really shocked me and I must admit at the same time I was saddened by it. We spend so much time creating drama around others and with others. Deflection is the prime sign for unconscious living. Every moment you engage in drama is a moment you are outside of yourself. The more of these moments you’ve got in your life, the further away you move yourself from your purpose.

Dharma living

In many ways this is the lifestyle we created for ourselves – constant distraction from being truly present (with yourself or others). Social media, TV and busy lifestyles in general are all about distractions. Whining, gossiping, over dramatising and blaming are still very much fundamental elements of every day discussions. It takes courage and self control to be able to walk away or switch the conversation. Sometimes however you have to switch ‘friends’. Do you have the courage to pull up your friends when they are creating drama? Just how much BS are you buying into?

Meditating and taking time for regular reflection have helped me enormously. Journaling and soulful conversations with my soul sisters made the transition that much easier. Who are you surrounding yourself with and what can you do to live your dharma instead of fueling the drama?

Having a motivating vision and also being in touch with your values are two really solid starting points – they can serve you as a reminder what’s important and filter out the unnecessary noise.

Have a beautiful week filled with inspired action coming from your dharma.

Love and light,



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OH My Jarka – I have just had a chance to spend some proper time on your website!!! hand on heart it is so divine, so professional, so you! I utterly love the style of it, your writing everything! you’ve inspired me to work harder to get my going x x


Thank you, Laura. Such beautiful words – I feel very humbled by them. I am glad you like my site – I can’t wait to check out yours once it’s ready. If you have any questions or you need some help with something, please let me know. Would love to support you. Lots of love xxx

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