You are not for everyone

Over the years, I found that understanding who your ‘people’ are, is incredibly difficult. Mainly because not everybody chooses to be honest and upfront and it’s not unusual that people pretend just to be liked. It’s made more difficult by the innate desire to ‘belong’, to be liked and accepted. But how would you know … Continue Reading

Mindset matters with Alissa Buttiglieri

In today’s episode of mindset matters, we talk about self acceptance and how we can foster a more self loving lifestyle. I am talking to Alissa Buttiglieri – a wellness and life coach, writer and speaker. She inspires women to build an unbreakable bond with themselves so they can manifest the life they deserve. In … Continue Reading

The feeling of overwhelm

I don’t necessarily dwell on things for too long however when they linger past their welcome, I look a bit deeper to find out more. Usually it has everything to do with my intuition and just how much I would’ve gone against it in particular situations or decisions. I am still in a process of … Continue Reading

Love yourself more

“I woke up this morning, looked into the mirror and loved everything about myself. I am content with my life and I am happy every day”, said no one ever! You don’t have to love everything about yourself but in order to pursue your purpose in life, you need to accept yourself for who you … Continue Reading

Mindset matters with Rachael Kable

I’ve been thinking about ‘reflection’. The kind where you look back and appreciate everything that propelled you forth even if it was trauma at the time. I’ve embarked on a huge transformational journey last year and I met people along the way who not only helped me gain perspective about my own life but also … Continue Reading

Do you want to be a coach?

It’s been 4 months since I graduated from The Beautiful You Coaching Academy and what an amazing journey it’s been so far. I had a few people approach me since and ask me about the academy and why I decided to become a coach. This post is for anyone who want’s to find out a … Continue Reading

Remember to breathe

How often do you take truly deep breaths? Not many of us exercise deep breathing even though it’s available to us all free of charge…   REMEMBER TO BREATHE ‘Remember to breathe’ is our second mantra for the colouring for mindful living program. I’ll be taking you through the concept of deep breathing and hopefully … Continue Reading

How judgment robs you of love

Have you ever caught yourself saying: ‘as soon as I achieve xyz, then (and only then) I’ll be happy (or ready to pursue something you really – really want)’? Putting your life on hold while you are perfecting something about yourself…that kinda mindset? Does it sound familiar? I’ve got myself caught in this web and … Continue Reading