The first week of every calendar year is my most favourite time for many reasons: that feeling of ‘new beginnings’, being on holidays and enjoying sleep ins, summer time beach fun, catching up with friends AND celebrating my birthday. I must admit I like my birthdays not necessarily because I am getting older (even though that is an inevitable truth) but because it somehow signifies the measure of my time on Earth and how I spent it. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful for the life I’m living and thought I’ll share some birthday love with you by listing some of my biggest lessons learned recently. Enjoy – all 37 of them which is how old I’ve recently turned:

happy birthday


1. Ask and you shall receive

Such a biggie. We all have dreams, aspirations and wishes but it’s rather rare that we openly talk about them let alone ask for them. It’s not selfish and most definitely not impossible to receive what you ask for. Yes you might have to hustle a little but the law of attraction is at work 24/7 – not just for the good things but also the bad stuff. So be careful with your negative thoughts and self-doubt. These are also manifestations that you can attract into your life.

2. Choose your attitude

Yes, it’s a choice. We can wake up grumpy and so easily slip through the entire day maintaining that attitude or we can acknowledge our grumpiness (or anything else that might hinder our happiness) and instead choose to have a happy attitude. Energetically this shifts a lot in our body and mind and makes it more pleasant for others to approach us. It can turn an ordinary day into quite a special one. Try it.

3. Smile often – the world will smile back at ya

I had an incredible experience last year in London. I attended this meditation class that literally changed my life. The principles were based on the element of smiling. Curling your mouth into a smile will resonate through your body immediately and shift the energy around you. It’s scientifically proven smiling contributes to better health. Plus you can have the added benefit of someone else smiling back at ya.

4. The most significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself

Where do I start on this one? Wow, from self love to nourishing foods, it is so important that you care for yourself but also love yourself. Everything in life will become so much easier. And if you are someone who still thinks you need to be validated through someone else then start challenging this right now.

5. You are enough

Comparison affects your happiness in a negative way. Thinking that everyone around you has it so much better, easier, that they are more successful, skinnier, have better relationships etc. This type of thinking will weigh you down and hinder your development. Focus your energy on yourself and acknowledge that you are enough.

6. Negative people are toxic

You need to develop a heightened sense of identifying negative people around you. Utmost caution should be exercised in environments like your work or school where you can’t choose your colleagues. They are always the ones gossiping the most, blaming others for their failures, and have no ambition of their own. Don’t let their negativity affect you or influence you. Stand your ground and remember your values. If things don’t change around you the best thing is to exit.

7. Never stop learning

Read books, watch TED talks, attend courses, read blogs, travel with open eyes and mind, talk to interesting people, get a mentor/coach – all of these avenues and more are examples of ways to learn. Keep that sh*t up – it’s so important to educate yourself and keep expanding your mind.

8. Spend time on your own

I call it ‘me time’ and love it! Spending time on your own and doing things that you love is priceless. It’s also time that can nourish your soul and teach you how to be on your own. Not everybody is comfortable with the idea yet it’s so essential for a person to feel whole.

9. Travel and explore

I truly believe part of me is defined by my experiences of travel. I have grown and expanded my horizon so much through travel and culture that I don’t quite know what or where would I be without it. Love the richness of my life these experiences allowed for. My heart fills with enormous amount of gratitude everytime I think of the places I’ve visited.

10. Do one thing everyday that scares you

What a gift this one has been. I have grown so much since I started regularly challenging my courage and kicked a few goals as a result of it. No matter how big or small, try this one out – it’s been such a great ride for me…

I would say these are my top 10 recently learned lessons that made the biggest impact on my transformation as a human being. I’ll try to capture the rest of the 27 into simple (and hopefully insightful) one liners so we can prevent this post turning into a novel or lecture. (lol) Deep breath and here we go:


11. You can be your worst enemy

12. Fall in love with yourself first – the rest will follow

13. Swearing isn’t a punishable behaviour {unless you are a child otherwise f*ck off and get a life if this offends you}

14. Meditation is a gift to modern mankind

15. Regular juicing and fasting helps you feel more energetic

16. Getting a good night sleep is not a luxury but necessity

17. Be silly and playful often {life is meant to be fun not serious}

18. Simplify and see beauty in little things

19. Be grateful and act like that

20. Pay it forward {like random acts of kindness}

21. Do it with passion or not at all

22. De-clutter your life {includes your home, work space, thoughts, speech etc.}

23. Define how you want to feel rather than what you want to achieve

24. Perfectionism is not a good thing

25. Take risks and stop over-analysing

26. Compliment those that deserve it {and do it regularly}

27. Become an active listener {and listen more – I am still working on this one}

28. Choose your audience {whether that’s you sharing a story or joke for e.g.}

29. Call your family regularly – it might be the highlight of their week {if you have the opportunity to see your family regularly, even better. Do it…}

30. Be here now {one of the coolest phrases/advice I’ve got from a dear friend recently – say these words out loud. Even their resonance creates a whole new state of mind. Be present every day and cherish what’s in the ‘now’. Life is short and so beautiful}

31. Let go of expectations and just do

32. Act out of love not fear

33. Courage is your best friend – the rest will follow

34. The times you worried are the hours you can never get back

35. Creativity is the art of doing

36. Invest wisely {this can be time, money, thoughts, attention…}

37. Discover your authentic self and you get to create how you show up in the world

So my question to you is: how do you feel around your birthdays? What does this day mean to you? What has been your biggest learning since your last birthday? Please share – I love hearing from you.

Lots of love,



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Wow, what a list! Awesome. Inspiring. I have learnt that being flexible and flowing leads to the most wonderful places. Be spontaneous. When life throws you a little suprise that wasn’t in the ‘plan’, it often turns out so much more wonderful in the long run


What a good one, Bec. Yes, being more spontaneous is definitely a great way to be. There is the element of surprise which can be quite exhilarating. xx


I was giggling and enjoying this thought provoking list and suddenly I got goosebumps and a nice feeling enveloped me! What great mantras to ones self ❤


Thank you my beautiful friend. I am glad you’ve enjoyed it. x


Wonderful list of life lessons learned (and continuely learning!)
#25- take risks and stop over analyzing is a big one for me! You’ve helped me realize this and I cherish your help. Thank you my dear friend…forever growing and evolving, we are!


Thank you, Niobe. I adore our friendship and looking forward to our ventures together. Lots of love to you x

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