Did you know that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and processed 60,000 times faster than text? We definitely live in a visual age but the question is how much of this information is actually retained or acknowledged? Maya Angelou once said: ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. This is very much true about everything we do in life but as I found out last week learning about social media it’s definitely relevant for all our posts and messaging as well.



I had the pleasure of attending the ‘Pimp my online’ course organised by the fabulous super energetic Zoe Weldon from seekerloverdreamer.com. Eventhough I thought I knew a lot about Facebook and Instagram already I really didn’t have that ‘navigation road-map’ that you so desperately need when you are trying to use these platforms for business.

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There were a few ‘epiphany’ style moments that I’d like to share with you today. I would say these are more about the journey of conveying your brand on social media rather than a specific ‘to do’ list to churn through. The key however is to go through the exercises and answer the questions truthfully:

+ who is your community (tribe) and what does their lifestyle look like

+ how do you want people to feel after they interacted with your brand

+ what are their biggest fears or worries

+ do you want your brand to be the extension of yourself or is it just about your products/services

+ do you have a content calendar – what messaging your community would like to receive from you every day? Would you be talking to them every day?

Zoe Weldon, social media course, education, networking

Zoe focused on Facebook and Instagram in this session and as we progressed through the modules she was actively engaging us to think about our answers and discuss them in the group. This was extremely helpful as gaining clarity about your direction is key.

Zoe Weldon, social media, education

And what did I learn? So much more than a blog post could ever convey but some of the main pointers were:

+ use your Facebook analytics page and Iconosquare for Instagram for insights about your audience and their online activities

+ don’t share your Instagram pictures on Facebook at the same time unless you edit the wording straight away and tailor for the FB platform

+ don’t use more than 3-5 hashtags on Instagram and make them relevant for the post

+ image quality is gold (both on FB and Instagram)

+ don’t use hashtags on Facebook – they negatively affect how many people will see your post

+ social media is a vehicle for connecting with your audience – use it to communicate and share information that’s relevant

+ share a photo album on Facebook rather than just a photo or two in a status update – research shows people interact with albums more

+ perform a regular digital audit of your photos on Instagram – delete at least 10 that you feel don’t represent your brand anymore

Pimp my online

What I also wanted to share with you today is the ‘way this course made me feel’. It wasn’t just the actual content of the course that spoke to me but the finer detail and choice behind the planning that’s so subtle yet powerful. Who wouldn’t want to hang out at Manly beach on a Sunday especially if it is in a super cool eclectic shop called Bow and Arrow. They have a lovely large space in the back of the store that was beautifully decorated with some interesting art and the table set up with all the tools and refreshments.

Pimp my online

Then there was the vibe – inviting, positive, fun filled, bright, healthy (with the most amazing healthy snacks and lunch to compliment), motivating, caring and supportive. Of course it is always the people that make everything so much more amazing and I must say that the small business owners I had the pleasure of meeting were truly inspiring. I believe I was the only person there still ‘slaving’ in a full time job and at the same time also working on her business.

social media course, Zoe Weldon

I reckon every course should be tailored to create a vibe and feel that will stay with you long after you left the room.

Thanks again Zoe for a terrific day and for sharing your knowledge with us. Looking forward to the next workshop.

Lots of love,






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