Hi, I am Jarka.

Pronounced as ‘Yaaka’ with a silent ‘r’.

A Business Consultant and Mentor.

I help businesses grow, scale and transform through strategy, technology, operational excellence and marketing. I do this in a capacity of a consultant and mentor depending on the individual needs of a business.


Professional Bio:

Jarka is your go-to Business Consultant and Mentor when you need help with strategy, operations, digital solutions (all that ‘tech stuff’) and marketing. She brings over 15 years of small and large business experience to every project and helps you design fit-for-purpose solutions and achieve outcomes that deliver on your brand promise. 

Her growth hacking approach follows the human centred design principles. Jarka works closely with business owners and their teams and offers a range of services on an ongoing and project basis. Her portfolio includes large corporate businesses such as News Corp and Foxtel but also smaller online service based and e-commerce businesses and tech startups. 

Jarka is often invited to panel discussions, contributes to online personal and professional development publications and teaches postgraduate students at UNSW.

Curious to know the ‘person’ behind the business?

+ Summer is my favourite season

+ travel is my passion and my adventures are always accompanied by photography, which is my favourite hobby

+ mindfulness and meditation are entrenched in my life

+ kindness is my oxygen

+ I believe we can only ever unearth our true nature if we are one with nature itself

+ I am an advocate of honesty and sincerity over being popular and liked

+ Favourite Netflix show: Suits

+ Obsessed with nature, ocean swims and genuine human connection

+ I am an ENFJ (a Protagonist)

+ I’ve traveled to 42 countries and regularly explore our wonderful world – follow my adventures on INSTAGRAM