Hi, I am Jarka Kunova.

Pronounced as ‘Yaaka’ with a silent ‘r’.

A Sydney based Business Coach and Mentor.

Please come and step into my online home.
Let’s get to know each other.


I created ‘designed by life’ to encourage you to think, feel and create from within your unique talent.

I know you feel that burning desire to create a truly meaningful and aligned business or career that reflects your values and beliefs.

You are here because you are ‘seeking’. Maybe it’s the permission to start or change direction, to say ‘Yes’ to yourself and your idea or maybe it’s as simple as wanting someone in your corner to hold space, listen and guide you on an unfamiliar path.


Where meaning and creation are the yin and yang of every days. Where your work is needed and makes a difference in someone else’s life.  Where you are rewarded for it with abundance beyond your wildest dreams. You are showing up each day creating the kind of freedom filled lifestyle you always wanted. It’s yours to explore NOW. It’s the lifestyle I created for myself and so excited to show you how you can too.


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I am an Internationally Certified Coach and a proud affiliate of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy (BYCA). If you’d like to find out more about my experience studying with BYCA and why I recommend this course, please read more about it HERE


Jarka Kunova, Business Coach and Mentor, Sydney based Business Coach


Intuitive and aligned living wasn’t always part of my lifestyle. If I am really honest, I didn’t believe in such a thing. Having a rational and logical explanation for everything pretty much drove my decision making ever since I was a teenager. When I look back however I can see instances of the Universe pulling me and guiding me even though I never gave her credit for it.

Today I know. Right now is what matters and the steps I am asked to take are anchored in this deeply rooted knowing of what is. I call it being – the state of consciousness that anchors you into alignment with self, purpose and ‘your unique path’. It is exactly for this reason I feel my soul’s purpose right now is to be a coach and serve those who are ready to express their being through meaningful businesses. I believe the world is a better place each time someone expresses their uniquely abundant gifts through meaningful creation.


As strange as it might sound, I know I am an old soul that has lived a number of lifetimes in an English speaking country. I guess it explains why I settled down in Australia. But in this lifetime I was born with a Hungarian Nationality in the former Czechoslovakia. Spent my first 11 years living in a Communist country until the Berlin Wall came down and it changed everything.

Curiosity and sense of wander have been driving forces ever since. With them, courage appeared as the next frontier when I put things into motion and decided to explore the world. Countries, languages, traditions, cultures and customs fascinated me ever since I was a child. Now I know, all along I was fascinated by humanity and wanted to understand more about ‘us’, people.

The reason we cry, why we love, why we choose one thing over the other, why we are who we are and what motivates us. The tapestry of humanity is simply remarkable. I guess seeking my craft was all along part of the journey that enabled me to first and foremost get to know myself. The journey of one’s soul is never linear even though the ego would have us believe otherwise. You see, I battled with the ego – for the longest time. Actually, if I am really honest with myself, I was tight friends with my ego for all the wrong reasons. I looked at life as competition; I regarded people as means to an end and my career what defined me. It took me a very long time to understand that I am made up of so much more than just my ambition, quick mind and intelligence.

It’s been 15 years of chasing the title, power and lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful. The knowledge, skill set and experiences I acquired are invaluable. The difference is how I choose to apply them today. You see, everything that happens to you is happening for you! I believe in this – WHOLEHEARTEDLY.


I am a story teller at heart. Someone who is excited about telling not just her own story with honesty and passion but help others tell theirs. Businesses, entrepreneurs, brands… I am here to honour my intuitive guidance that makes me appreciate both the soulful and practical parts of my life. I am here to offer up my gifts and invite you to share yours with me.

I believe in the beauty of exploration that goes with the unearthing of your potential – through curiosity and courage. Soulful, intuitive, practical and honest – these are the values underpinning my approach to life and how I do business. I am looking forward to be working with businesses who are keen to tell their story and unearth their true potential. If you are one of them, please get in touch. I’d like to hear from you.


+ travel is my passion and my adventures are always accompanied by photography, which is my favourite hobby

+ mindfulness and meditation are entrenched in my life

+ kindness is my oxygen

+ I believe we can only ever unearth our true nature if we are one with nature itself, which is also one of the reasons I have left the urban jungle of Surry Hills and moved closer to greenery

+ I believe everybody is doing their best except when they resent what they do for a living

+ I am an advocate of honesty and sincerity over being popular and liked

+ I am an ENFJ (a Protagonist)

+ I’ve traveled to 42 countries and regularly explore our wonderful world – follow my adventures on INSTAGRAM


Like I mentioned earlier, I feel deeply connected to the work I am doing right now. At the same time I feel like it’s an incredible privilege to witness someone’s unraveling and being invited to encourage them to create.