Impressions or learnings from a profound experience often take time to sink in – it can be weeks, months or even years after the activity. This can be a course you took, an amazing holiday or travel adventure, childhood experience or an impressive speaker with a message that resonated with you. For me, it was a combination of events that occurred on my recent trip that reminded me of the importance of grounding.



I come from a small town where connecting with earth was not just an option, it was a way of living. My parents were, what you would call today, ‘greenies’ – growing their own produce, organic of course and also cultivating their own land for generations. Making sure the soil was as fertile, clean and healthy as possible was pretty much a non-negotiable. Little did I understand back then how lucky I was to be eating fresh produce that I could just pick from the garden myself. The concept of working with soil, enjoying nourishing and fresh foods together with the respect we paid to the land were all very important and ensured good health.

Capsicum plant


Living in a city you need to make time for ‘grounding’, also known as connecting with the earth. It has been scientifically proven that the affects are very beneficial for health and these include but are not limited to:

+ strengthening of the immune system

+ fighting infection/ healing faster

+ better sleep

+ reduced stress and anxiety

+ better digestion

+ improved blood circulation

+ reduced irritability

+ assistance with jet lag

+ lessening menstrual and female hormonal problems

+ relieving headaches

Tomato plant


I have always been a big fan of outdoors, swimming in the ocean and doing physical activity outside but I’ve never really suffered from stress as much as I have in the last so many months. I believe the sense of grounding and it’s benefits really sunk in when I somehow found myself walking in London’s Hyde Park barefoot. My body has been in such a shock from all the madness of life I have recently experienced that this simple act really spoke to me. There was definitely a sense of comfort, soothing and relaxation. I ended up spending nearly 3 hours just ‘grounding’.

I can honestly say that it not only de-stressed me completely but heightened my senses. I have literally started noticing my surroundings with a lot more intensity than before. I was observing people around me in the park as I was laying there on the grass and noticed interactions that normally would’ve been missed.


This grounding journey continued as I arrived in the little village I grew up in where my parents live to date. The photos you see were taken there – my Mum still grows veggies and fruit; my Dad has a vineyard and makes his own wine. They actively work with soil and spend time walking barefoot. I can’t begin to tell you how good it felt to recall some of my childhood memories picking strawberries, capsicums and tomatoes, getting the cabbage and cucumbers from the garden for the sauerkraut my Mum and Grandma prepare every year religiously. It felt amazing being part of this ‘healthy grounded way’ of living…

It was therapeutic but also a happy place reminding me of love and belonging and that I am worthy of it. As I watched Brene Brown’s videos on vulnerability this weekend, it all clicked – you need to believe that you are worthy of love and belonging to be able to utilise a position of vulnerability as your strength. For me, it was reconnecting with the place and people that always made me feel that way and something I struggled with since I moved away.

Since I came back from my holidays I’ve been consciously setting time aside for some grounding. It keeps me focused on my goals and reminds me of the feeling of worthiness that comes from the sense of love and belonging. It reminds me of my family, the importance of a healthy lifestyle, body and stress free existence. These are my tips on ‘how to get your move on grounding’:

+ go for a swim in the ocean if you can

+ walk on the sand barefoot

+ go for a walk in a park and take some time to walk on the grass barefoot

+ lay down on the grass for a while and plant your bare feet on the ground

+ do some gardening or plant your own pot plants

+ regularly meditate with your bare feet firmly planted on the ground (best seated on a chair with a straight back and feet on the ground) – visualise your feet as the roots of a tree (this can be done indoors)

Tomato plant

pumpkin plant

Apple tree

Cactus with flowers

Our dog

If you have some other tips you’ve tried as part of your grounding approach please share them with us in the comments below…

Lots of love,








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