Fear can show up in many forms and stem from different circumstances. I think it’s important to mention that I am not going to examine fear as a form of prudence today – i.e. using our senses to protect ourselves from legitimate harm. Rather I’d like to talk about fear in the context of being the enemy of success. How to overcome fear when we know it’s something that prevents us from action?


Fear is intangible and invisible yet so overpowering when it appears. Having a healthy awareness around fear is an important element before you try dealing with it. There are people who live in constant fear (e.g. fear of loosing their jobs, fear of upsetting their spouse etc.) and they have validated this state of being because they truly believe it’s normal. Don’t accept fear as part of every days – recognise it as an opportunity for growth and living your best life. If fear is the only reason you are holding onto something, then I’ve got some news for you: it is probably the wrong arrangement and you are only prolonging the inevitable end.know what you are afraid of copy


Being courageous is standing up for what you believe in and living from an authentic place. It takes guts to show up in the world as yourself – as bizarre as it sounds, most of us fear judgement which prevents us from taking action and leaping towards our potential. Looking at life from a comfort zone has never created an extraordinary reality. The most rewarding experiences always come from a place of courage and purposeful action. Embrace change, or better yet: leap towards it.


Once you’ve chosen courage and started taking steps towards a new reality where learning takes precedence over giving up, feeling into your fears could be your next milestone. Your body is a pretty good indicator of situations that might cause you angst and fear. That knot in a stomach, a lump in the throat or perspiring profusely can all indicate an uncomfortable situation. Face the truth of your fears and remove any past imprints that might be preventing you from taking action. Just remember, that what happened in the past has no effect on the now and just because something happened to your parents or friends (e.g. a failed marriage or financial hardship) that doesn’t mean it is the same faith you are bound to follow. You are in a position of creating new memories and new pathways towards modified behaviour that eliminate fear.move forward copy


The more you accept yourself and step into your true potential the stronger your confidence becomes and the more progress you will be able to make. Resistance can often times surface which is where intuition comes in handy – trusting your mental GPS can be extremely empowering. I often times tell my clients to do one thing every day that scares them, no matter how big or small. Change serves to transport us into greater manifestation of ourselves and ultimately closer to our goals. So when you get to the point where you are able to distinguish between fear and resistance, you are onto a good thing there. Keep going…


Busy lifestyles are rather the norm these days and with that increased pressure can manifest as fear. It’s essential you take some time out for yourself to relax and meditate. Calming the mind, clearing your thoughts and looking after your wellbeing both physically and mentally are important for stress management and fear busting. When you feel anxiety coming on, just breathe. Deeply into your belly and perhaps even open your mouth for a deep exhale. It’s super cleansing and detoxing plus it relieves the nervous system of tension.

Presence is a big one – ‘being’ rather than always ‘doing’ requires a special kind of awareness. Acknowledging that the only time we actually have is right now is the most powerful action there is for the mind. Engaging with the present moment rather than fearing the future or dwelling on the past. Those are the 2 locations where fear lives.

Most of my treasured moments and memories came from decisions that I made despite my fears and I can honestly say that I’ve loved every moment of stepping into them. So go out into the world this week and do something that scares you. You’ll be amazed how liberating it is…

Love and light,




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Sometimes fear just creeps in without you even knowing! Thanks for the great tips Jarka x


Very true, Phoebe. It is a sneaky little thing, that’s for sure. Being present and mindful can assist with the awareness when fear creeps in. All the best, Lovely xx


Thanks Jay!!! For bringing me up my leadership training back to reality again 🙂 have a great week!!!


Thanks Marina – you are such a sweetheart. You definitely light up my mornings with your kindness and care. I am glad you liked the article. xx

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