A big warm welcome to you all reading this post – it’s been a bit quiet on the blog and there is a very good reason for it. I’ve been pouring my heart, soul and energy into something special for you. My first eBook. It feels great to know that very soon I’ll be sharing this beautiful creation with you. Just the thought of it fills me up with love and gratitude.

I wanted to share a little bit about the ‘behind the scenes’ of this process considering so many of you asked me not just about the book itself but also the creative workflow.


Designed by life started out as a blog in June 2014. It was in the midst of some tough times in my life and in hindsight I know it was my creative inner child screaming out for more meaning in life. I had no intentions of launching a business until one of my friends, who I coached and supported in a decision to change careers, suggested I should do this for a living. She planted an idea in my head and the more I wrote on my blog, the more people sought out my coaching support. And that’s how designed by life turned into a business venture.


I chose the name ‘designed by life’ intentionally. I wanted to share how everything in life happens for a reason and how our experiences design the life we ultimately live. Mindset plays a big role in this ‘design workshop’. You either have a healthy and abundant mindset that propels you to greater heights or the opposite, a struggling mindset filled with limiting beliefs that keeps you in fear and debilitates you.

Having a clear vision, being in touch with your values and pursuing what feels good with the passion, determination and zest for life it deserves, are fundamentally underpinning ‘the screen play of your life’.

I reached deep and handpicked a few stories that I am sharing in the book with you. These will demonstrate how even the most limiting circumstances of one’s background can be overcome with a mind that’s not afraid from dreaming big and taking risks. The book isn’t about me even though I list a few examples from my own life to demonstrate the power of the mindset and authentic creation. It’s about the journey you can take from your mind via your thoughts into your heart for inspired action. I wanted to reach into my repertoire of tools and share some with you that are very simple and practical. If you ever struggled with limiting beliefs, feared changing careers or starting your own business, then this book is for you.

Correct your mind


This year has been transformational for me. Funnily enough, it was my exact intention in January when I set my ‘big, bright goals’ for the year. Little did I know I will be joining one of the most amazing schools that will contribute a great deal to this transformation – The Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Words can’t express how supported and encouraged I felt throughout my studies and how much I’ve learned about myself in the process. I am incredibly grateful for the friendships I made and as a result stepped into a more vulnerable space with my writing. And my following grew exponentially as a result of that.

So I’ve decided it’s time to share the knowledge and insights in a book that’s free for this incredibly supportive tribe of mine – Thank you.


This little beauty has been ‘brewing’ in my heart for months. It was taking shape in a form of notes, scribbles and voice recordings. It was a sea of mermaids swimming in all sorts of directions at first so once I sat down with them, the creation resumed. I blocked out the weekends for the entire month of September and also the first 2 weekends of October to fully focus on forming the book so it read well.

I happen to live with an amazing ‘book critic like’ individual whose opinion and feedback matters to me immensely. After the first edit, he pointed out a very valid observation. He said to me: ‘Your life story is one of the most fascinating ones I’ve ever heard – where is it in the book?’ OK, you’ve got a point, I thought.

I then went back and infused a number of stories that put my learnings into context. There were a couple more proof reads by my genius ‘resident editor’ until this feedback arrived: “I have just read your book. It is amazing. I really loved it. It’s totally engaging and the reworked sections compliment your message beautifully. The quotes are fantastic. I am really proud of you. Awesome job.” I knew then and there, it was ready to be sent off to my graphic designer…


Even though I only intended to write about 5,000 words, the book ended up being just a little over 6,000. I read it out loud and it took me 35 minutes. It’s a comfortable read but there are also sections that are interactive and require journaling by the reader. When I thought about the idea of an eBook, all I could think about was getting Tegan Swyny from Colour Cult to design it. She is the creative mind behind Lauren Aletta’s Soul School Monthly and her oracle card deck. When I saw her work, I was literally speechless. She is THAT talented.

She is working on my design as we speak and I simply can’t wait to see the first draft. There is no doubt in my mind you are in for a treat. I guess, I can also reveal that with the launch of my eBook I am also re-branding ‘designed by life’ with a new logo that’s been carefully crafted by Tegan.



Thank you again for all your support, kind words of encouragement and being here on this journey designed by life.


Love and light,






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