These last couple of weeks have been rather chaotic and to say the least ’emotional’. Not so much for me personally but for some of my friends and work colleagues around me… I think to some degree people are reflecting on the financial year and whether you are in business for yourself or part of someone else’s enterprise, there is this underlining pressure of understanding what the performance of your business, of your team and ultimately your own engagement levels look like.


This time of year calls for a bit of a re-evaluation, almost like a ‘half way mark’ – is this really where I want to be? Am I happy being surrounded by the people I work with day in day out? How do I feel about my Boss? Am I acquiring the learning and growth that I thought I would be? Do I feel energised and creative in this space?

I think I am lucky to have some brilliant, creative, business savvy people in my life and at my work place that I refer to as my ‘support network’. The type of people that simply ‘get me’… What connects us are our very solid values that we always keep to, no matter what. I think being truthful to who you are and living every moment of your life with authenticity facilitates the kind of strength you need when the going gets tough.

The kind of minds that are not afraid from saying as it is, the kind that keep you in check, give you advice, listen to you and stand up for you even though that might ‘rock the boat’ or sound very unpopular… If you think about it, we spend more time with our work colleagues than with our partners and family. It would be toxic and very unhealthy surrounding yourself with people that you don’t enjoy working with. So if this resonates with you right now then perhaps it is time to do something about it.

It is so important to have fun and humour in your every day life – both at work and home. If we took everything way too seriously I reckon our lives would be overwhelmed by anxiety, fear, doubt and negativity that’s simply not the way to live. I’ve observed over the years that the care factor is directly associated with the importance and weight we mentally assign to people, things, occasions, events etc. Any imperfection, deviation from our plan or mistake could potentially hurt us more than our audience could comprehend.

Some of this behaviour is very much tied to your upbringing, culture and traditions. The perception of what’s important, what matters, what hurts, what makes you happy, what feeds your soul etc. is something that manifests in different forms for everyone.

So important to be in everything you do, living with and celebrating even the smallest of successes.

Find what it is that makes you ‘tick’, that keeps you smiling and fuels your energy. What have you created or achieved lately that still puts a smile on your face when you think about it? If there is nothing that you can recall then perhaps your everyday actions need a bit of reflection… Challenge your own status quo, start something new, perhaps something you always wanted to do but never got the time for…Find time, find courage and take some risk. A comfort zone has never delivered a life changing moment.

Do you have a ‘collective’ of brilliant minds at your workplace that inspire you daily? If not, have you thought about finding a mentor that can help you ‘bridge the gap’ and assist you with your exploration?

Find the courage to speak up, to reach out and become a more authentic you – never ever forget your goal and where it is you are headed.

Love and light,








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