I took the plunge and signed up for an online blogging course which is already bringing me so much joy and excitement. Going through the modules and worksheets reminds me of how much I actually like learning new things and doing homework… I know you might be saying homework never sounded this good but when something becomes a ‘labour of love’ suddenly you crave time to spend on researching, reading and editing. One of my first tasks was to create a vision board which I’d like to share with you today. Putting together the collage of photographs was, well let’s just say, something I’ve never done before…


I can easily spend hours and hours editing photos on my computer and by that I mean using Camera Raw or Photoshop. It wasn’t until this week that I’ve discovered some pretty amazing free online tools that will literally blow your mind…

Not only they are so much easier to use but also quicker and way more fun. I always struggled with text on photos or creating collages so I set out on a mini ‘virtual hunt’ on Google and by some absolute miracle I discovered canva, pixlr and picmonkey.


If you were wondering why your photos just don’t look that great when you import them into your Facebook or Twitter cover banner then you should know that requirements for different types of banners or cards require reformatting of the actual size of the image. Canva can help you with that so you can create anything from a marketing flyer, to a business card, presentation or a poster.

Furthermore there are tons of different textures, pictures, layers and text/font options that will give you the flexibility of creating something pretty unique and cool. You can import your own images and modify them in the program itself.

Once you complete your work you are able to export it as an image or document. Pretty cool and most features are also free… If you get some time check out their blog for some seriously creative tips.


Who needs Photoshop when you have Pixlr. This free online program even mimics Photoshop’s working interface for the image enhancements. There are three levels of complexity: (a) pixlr editor (b) pixl express and (c) pixl o-matic (from the most complex to the least).

With the exception of pixl editor, the interface is very intuitive and playful so you won’t require any prior knowledge of editing programs. At every stage of the workflow you are able to cancel out your changes – the steps remind me of that on Instagram.


This online tool is probably the most simplistic in it’s interface but no doubt still includes a ton of options for some pretty cool effects and fonts. Similar to the other two, you are able to import your own photos, add text and labels, textures etc. I found it a bit inflexible at times and a bit ‘clunky’ to work with in comparison to the previous ones.

If you have a presence online, like a blog, website or you are toying with the idea of publishing your e-book, these tools can come in very handy. You can make it as simple and quick as you like or spend hours and hours discovering different features like I did… I am grateful for the masterminds behind these technologies and for sharing their brilliance with the world for free.

Try them out and let me know what you think…

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Love the tips and and advice! Beautiful, creative and talented lady!


Thanks Andrea. I know as creatives we get really excited about these sort of things… Looking forward to seeing your masterpieces.

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