This is officially my last post for the year and I am bursting with love to be sharing it with you. I don’t say this lightly but 2015 just might have been one of the best years of my life. It’s been epic on so many levels but I think deep down I know it was beautiful because I found my way back to ‘ME’…

I have been documenting most of the highlights here with you but there were also some ‘in between the lines’ kinda surprises that just added to the overall experience.

When I embarked on this post, I didn’t quite realise I will end up writing a number of pages – the words were just flowing and I eventually decided to turn it into an eBook. Considering how ‘GRAND’ this year was for me on so many levels, I thought it deserved to be dressed up in a ‘pretty dress’ with some beautiful graphics and colours.



2015 also marks my first year in business. It was at the beginning of the year that I decided to start coaching and obtain my official qualifications in life coaching. It was also my first full year of blogging and writing and the year in which I released my first eBook: Limitless {download for free here}. I feel so honoured that this eBook is the finalist for an award in a category of book/product/podcast of the year. I seriously couldn’t be happier…

The decision to start a coaching business was one of the most organic leaps I made in a very long time. I believe that everything I have done thus far in my life has led me to this point and I can’t wait to see what’s next in 2016.

But building a business is never easy – don’t get me wrong, it’s been heaps of fun however I spent countless amounts of hours, days and weeks working away after work and on the weekends. I really didn’t get that much time to myself if I am completely honest.

At the end of the day, though it is so worth it. I wanted to share this eBook with you in a very candid, vulnerable and honest way. Mainly because I want you to know that just because success doesn’t happen overnight it doesn’t mean it’s not worth the persisting and hard work. I had so much fun building my business even if at times it was frustrating, disappointing and I felt like ‘packing it all in.’

I hope it will inspire you to start your own dream. If you feel compelled to share your aspirations and intentions for the New Year, I’d love to hear from you…


2015 :: Transformational Life & Business Lessons – in the year that was

Have a fabulous 2016…

Love and light,






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Great post and very frank. Looking forward to reading your ebook. Best of luck


Hi Sabina, thank you for that. I believe honesty is important in business and sharing experiences in a candid way could encourage others to start their ventures. All the best in the New Year x

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