What is one’s authentic voice? It’s the creative expression that rises from the place within, where the infinite wisdom and intelligence of life personalised itself. This divine purpose embodied at the time of our birth will always remain within us and we are unique conduits for its expression. Now whether we choose to step into this power or not is entirely up to us – nobody can force us but how liberating it is to know that we’ve got a choice to do so ourselves and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Authentic voice

Before we begin, however let’s set the record straight: finding your authentic voice takes practice. Society forms us to fulfill demands and chase things that can very easily derail us if we are not acting in alignment with our core values. This can easily lead to an unfulfilled life. If you catch yourself in a bit of a rut and feel like your energy gets drained at the end of every day, you might have taken the wrong turn somewhere and not acting from an authentic place. Being true to yourself and having the courage to embark on the discovery of your authentic voice can be a daunting concept and that of a hustle. But it’s so rewarding…

I found that making the decision to step into my authentic power was the hardest part about the process. There are many reasons for that but ultimately it comes down to fear. And that black hatted gremlin is one powerful and scary thing – it tells you that you are not good enough; it whispers to you how you are going to make a fool of yourself in front of others; how creating a routine and avoiding change is the best thing that can happen to you; how you are going to fail and the list goes on. I’ve heard that voice in my head many times before – can you relate?

So how do you deal with the mind and your limiting beliefs? How can you tap into this amazing creative energy that might be still sitting dormant within you?


If you’ve ever been in a situation where the anticipation was consuming you and had you worried then you would’ve experienced the ‘fear of the unknown’. Change is the only constant in life and it contributes to evolution. I went to a talk recently where the wise Vedic teacher, Thom Knoles said: ‘If you lean into change and embrace it for the beauty it brings into your life, you are slowly but surely filling up your adaptability tank’.

Being resilient is when an unexpected life event happens to you and you’ve got enough energy in your adaptability tank to be able to deal with it. You respond by using your intelligence which can only be acquired if you aim for the opposite of ‘comfortable’ – the unknown. If you feel a burning desire to do something in your life but you are too afraid to do it, just start with a few small steps towards it and see where it takes you. Think about it as a rehearsal to the real performance and start with small steps. Just start… The unknown is where evolution takes place. Don’t settle for routine and the predictable.


Coming back to yourself and what you know to be true – deep down, in your soul, heart and cells. Your moral compass or intuition is your best friend on this journey called authentic expression. Stepping into this power requires trust, nurture, love and respect – for yourself first and foremost.

I often times hear my coaching clients say: ‘It didn’t feel right in my gut’. Well, it’s probably because it wasn’t. Yet the mind can intercept and you can become insecure about your decision. Or worse, you let others tell you what’s best for you. Just because someone is a leader in their field it doesn’t mean they are always right or know what’s best for you. Trust yourself to step into what feels good and let your inner compass guide your decisions.

Becoming more centered or aligned with your inner purpose is a daily practice and I would encourage you to find some quiet space for yourself to just ‘be’. It could be via meditation, a walk or as simple as shutting the door behind you in a room where you can be alone and just take a few deep breaths. More being rather than doing. It is liberating.


When was the last time you experienced the state of ‘flow’? The kind of joyful state in which you loose track of time and in essence forget about the world around you?

Actively seeking activities that bring you joy is a no brainer – these exact things are the catalysts for deeper self exploration. It could be an art class, weaving, gardening, dance lessons, a drive out of town, anything really that you know you used to enjoy a lot but don’t do enough of anymore.

nothing is impossible copy

I challenge my clients to do a bit of research around their habits and examine what they might have been searching for or been attracted to lately. Ask yourself:

+ what topics have you been googling the most frequently recently

+ what blogs/magazines/articles have you been reading lately and what kind of topics did they cover

+ what kind of people do you gravitate towards; how and why do they inspire you

+ what courses or events have you attended recently that brought you joy

It is very likely that these exact topics are what your soul is longing for so go and explore them further. Don’t be afraid from setting time aside for yourself and invest into self care. You can only be present for others if you are refueling your tank regularly. Self care is important – don’t compromise on it.


This year I have made a promise to myself to seek out new learning experiences and embark on a transformation journey towards my true purpose. I said yes to more opportunities that I could’ve ever bargained for. But all along, I was still in the mindset of playing small.

When I first arrived in Australia, I had a huge fear around English not being my native language and having zero local working experience. So I applied for jobs that were simple and easy enough for me to get a foot in the door, so to speak only to be rejected with the response: ‘Miss, you are overqualified for this job’. This sort of behaviour conditioned me to start underplaying my skills and achievements and start manipulating people into believing I was exactly who they wanted me to be. Needless to say, chains of events unfolded on the back of these that taught me some valuable lessons.

My heart was cracked open when I released the need to be validated by others. Playing small was an acceptance strategy I enacted because I feared rejection. And then I heard Megan Dalla-Camina speak at an event and it dawned on me: ‘Jarka, it is time to start playing big. Like, really big and embracing everything about yourself that brought you to this place right now. Megan has done it and she is inviting you to do just that. So what are you waiting for?’

There is a large degree of pain and resistance that you will need to brake through before you arrive at this point and the important thing is to keep going. There is no looking back at this point. Do not give up!


If you truly believe in the value of your creative expression then nobody can change your mind about it. Stick with what feels right to you and keep hustling. Remember that not everybody will get you. Often times it will be your own family and friends that will make you doubt yourself and your choices. Don’t let that discourage you and just keep on hustling.

I know it can be challenging feeling like the whole world is against you but as soon as you get at least 1 person believing in you, it’s enough to keep going. And that 1 person might as well be you… Don’t be afraid to express what you stand for – trust me, old friends might desert you but new friends will soon follow and these relationships can take on a whole new meaning towards your authentic expression. In whatever shape or form that is for you.

I’d love you to share your own journey and what unfolded for you when you decided to pursue your inner most desires or if you still feel stuck, why? Please leave me a comment.

Love and light,





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