The energy on the day was rather tumultuous – a stormy week with flooding, hail storms and ferocious winds. I prayed for clear skies for our last Self Love Series with the gorgeous Juliet Allen who brought us the topic of divine feminine sexuality.

As I jumped through the puddles and a muddy pathway to enter the gorgeous Centennial Dining venue I thought to myself: ‘I will really miss this community of likeminded people getting together every Wednesday. ‘ It was rather easy to incorporate this time into my diary because each session truly resonated with who I am so naturally every week I was looking forward to it.



Juliet is a gorgeous lady who flew in that day from the Gold Coast to share her wisdom with us. The session itself was more of a Q&A style dynamic rather than just a presentation. I really didn’t know what to expect and where the conversation will go. When Juliet shared some of her grounding principles about bringing out the divine feminine she emphasised fostering some key habits.


Take care of yourself

I mean, really take care of yourself! Do what feels good, spoil yourself, get pampered, get a massage, a manicure, go to the movies with your girlfriends, eat vibrant healthy food..

Work on your ‘stuff’

If there are any fears, hang ups, doubts or anything that would prevent you from truly living on purpose then you could benefit from working with a coach or a therapist. True intimacy comes from the mind.

Embrace your feminine energy

Own your desires, your inner sexy and be honest with yourself about what feels good (in every area of your life, including intimacy)

Embrace the lifestyle choices of others

Becoming non-judgmental and accepting of others and their choices is a big one. We are unique in every imaginable way – let’s celebrate that by embracing diversity and freedom of expression.

Be open to new experiences

Be adventurous and try what appeals to you. Overcome the fear of ridicule and judgment. Practice open communication with your partner and educate yourself.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable

According to Amy Jo Goddard vulnerability = intimacy. It takes guts to open up and show the world your vulnerable side but it’s the best way to relate to one another.

Step into your power

Stop putting your femininity and sexuality on the back burner. Sexual empowerment is a journey that only you can choose. Be open-minded and embrace your true feminine expression.

A large potion of the evening was then spent having a free flowing Q&A section which was rather interesting. The questions were very diverse: from sexual education for children to communicating with someone about what feels right when being intimate.

Naked lady kneeling copy

It took me a good few days after the evening to truly digest what was said and Andrea and I discussed this at length. The beauty of what we took out of the session was the identification of the gap in sexual education for kids, adolescent but also grown women in our society. I truly believe we don’t know how to have an open conversation about intimacy, our sexuality and stepping into our divine feminine. There is so much shame and inaccessibility surrounding this topic, no wonder we don’t know how to ask clear questions or explain the ‘basics’ to our children.

Juliet made a great attempt answering the questions but at times I felt some of the key messages about fostering our divine feminine were lost amongst the unusual questions asked, which made me ponder over this area of life even further. I don’t think we pay much attention let alone set-aside time for discussions that involve the discovery of what feels good in the world of intimacy.


As a Desire Map facilitator, my primary intention is to teach people how to achieve a state of being that ‘feels good’ in every area of their lives. Most of my workshop attendees have been women between the ages of 30 and 50, which is fabulous, but I think this sort of education could be easily introduced to younger generations including kids. It’s the road towards their emotional development that could potentially contribute to the prevention of ‘dramas and meltdowns’ that often times have catastrophic consequences.

The importance of self love, freedom of self expression without judgement and the notion of community rather than individualism were probably the 3 most profound messages I have taken away from the entire Self Love Series. I truly believe events of this kind should be continuously taking place thereby educating and creating space for discussions that may not be taking place around dinner tables in modern households.

Thank you again, Bec for bringing such a divine community of people, speakers and stallholders together – can’t wait for the next installment of the Daily Guru magic.

Lots of love,



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