I’ve been absent from the blog for a couple of weeks; a choice that wasn’t quite voluntary at first but as I came to find out something my body and mind were calling out for. I’ve done a digital detox and would like to recommend it to everyone.


If I asked you to quantify your time spent online would you be able to answer that question? Do you consciously think about your online and social media time investment? According to Nielsen figures, in average Australians spend more time on social media than any other nation in the world. To be quite exact almost a full day a week (23 hours and 18 minutes to be precise). I didn’t quite realise how much time I’ve been spending on the internet until I had no access to it because of my overseas travels. So by default I have undergone a digital detox which was definitely overdue… Best thing I could’ve done. So how would you know that you might have to consider a ‘digital detox’?


These are the questions you need to ask yourself:

+ do you feel anxious or stressed when you can’t log on or check your social media?

+ do you prefer to spend time online than with family or friends?

+ do you avoid social gatherings and instead look forward to being online?

+ do you stay up late at night or wake up early in the morning so you can spend time online?

+ does your family and friends nag you about being online a lot?

+ is there at least one day when you don’t log on?

Eventhough I don’t believe my habits are obsessive or addictive, I felt very connected with the outside world and with my inner self after I left the ‘logging in’ business ‘out the door’…It was a rather interesting journey but I think my discovery of my epiphany was a combination of a few things: please let me explain.


Taking some time out of work, my busy lifestyle and the habit of planning everything has been the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. Not sure whether it was a divine timing or just my body and mind telling me to ‘switch of’. It was really only after gaining some space and time to think that I realised my refuge from it all was the online world all along. I have allowed lazy, uninspiring and negative people to surround me and the only creative energy I was receiving came from a few of my closest friends and my online tribe of fellow bloggers… I was craving my time online as I was not getting that sort of inspiration in my every day life. So what I am trying to get to is that sometimes it’s not actually the fact you are online that you need to change but the triggers surrounding the need for you to log on; the reason for the online distractions…


It is amazing how much one can get used to what I call ‘the daily grind-coma’ and not even realise how toxic some people and their habits can be for a creative and ambitious person. Even though I’m a big advocate of learning from online resources I also realise how powerful it is to connect with nature, how important it is to throw yourself into the unknown, do exercise and regularly treat yourself… You need to stand up for yourself and believe in the magic that governs your whole being. Detoxing from online is not only a simple switch off and lie down, it’s also parting with the constant comparing of oneself with others, it’s being more a creator than a spectator/consumer. It’s also ridding yourself of negative influencers that might have overpowered your life without you even truly acknowledging it.


Ask yourself one question: why do you crave being online? Is there something in your life that feels wrong, off, not quite right or simply do you need to change something? Your job, friends, place you live at or even your partner… Most of the times the answers lie within these simple yet such important areas of life.

I’ve been waking up early every day going out for walks which I never do! Reading the books I had on hold for so long has been so invigorating. The freedom and the luxury of having time to do that has been absolutely invaluable. Learning new things and connecting with like minded people has been high on my wish list lately and I’m incredibly grateful for experiencing this right now! It’s changing my thinking, mood, zest for life and my overall health both mentally and physically.


The power of human connection and good conversation is somehow under rated in this digitally connected world. I’m worried for those that don’t seek this interaction regularly. It can lead to depression, a false perception of one’s world and loss of self confidence. If you are on holidays, on a weekend away or just at home feeling like you might need a ‘break’ please take some time to switch your gadgets off and go for a wander, observe and make some effort with your friends or loved ones to truly connect through a beautiful conversation. It really grounds you and reminds you what’s important in life. Family, friends, health, an honest and truthful human connection, self-love and anything else that matters to your heart the most. I am sure if you look inward you will find it. Just make time for it…

Have you ever done a digital detox before? We’d like to hear about your experience.

Lots of love,








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I have only had a forced detox when my phone was stolen but agree it’s therapeutic … However anxiety does set in for the first part of the day with no digital access… Phantom vibrations and ring tones follow! Then we addictivly check messages when your conscious mind knows there’s nothing. Balance is the key! If you can’t contact your friends without an fb message, there’s a sign you require digi detox


Very true, Andrea. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂


A very good reminder, thank you J. Sounds like you had a fab break!! Must catch up very soon for that great face-to-face conversation. Much love xxx


Thanks Bec xx See you soon.


This is such a wonderful post Jarka. Thank you for sharing so openly. It is so poignant for me at the moment as I’ve been doing so much soul searching, questioning and re-evaluating what is important to me and what it is I’m wanting to do. It’s difficult to find the perfect balance of life and work, then through in life online (on all platforms) I’m finding myself wanting to retreat a little more these days and taking time out from the online world to live in the real world, the here and now and surrounding myself with the people who ‘Like’ me in real life! I do quietly like it when my battery runs flat in my phone, I’ve left it at home or there’s no reception! Technology is great and all, but I do miss the ‘old days’ of not always being connected. Looking forward to seeing you again soon and hearing more stories of your wonderful adventure xxx


Thank you, Angela for sharing your experience… There is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than the human connection. Spending time with those that matter in life, who love us and care about us will recharge anyone’s battery. We just need to find the time and space for these interaction to occur. It is my ‘end of year’ resolution so to speak and hoping to catch up with you too soon. Lots of love to you xx

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