It has taken me a while to start on my first post but I am here. With clear direction, motivation and importantly with a lot of self-love.

It all comes down to your state of mind, the peace and balance you feel within you. If it’s there then creativity will thrive, if it’s missing no matter how hard you try you won’t be able to connect.

I called this post ‘Dare to be great’ because it sometimes takes a bit of courage and guts to present yourself authentically to the world. We all think we need to fulfill some inherit expectation of being like everybody else. The beauty in humanity however is that we are all so different and we should own that uniqueness.

Which brings me to the core idea behind ‘designedbylife’. We all are the best versions of the person that has been shaped by their own journey in life. The footprint we are leaving every day is designed by our own lives that we are constantly creating, shaping and celebrating.

This is my journey and I’d like to share it with like-minded ‘life-lovers’ to inspire, teach, connect, discuss and enjoy what every day brings.

Here is to meeting like minded people…


Lots of love,





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Love your blog and this post. It does take bravery!!! Looking forward to more. Thanks for a nice read to remind me of my greatness before I start todays journey.


A perfect first post! I’m excited by what’s to come & I’m looking forward to being inspired & guided! X


Thank you, Lovely x

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