I always knew the day will come when we welcome our very first contributor to the blog. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Charlotte Brady – amazing writer, creative and adventurer. Charlotte’s writing style is personable and honest and I hope you’ll love her stories as much as I do. Please welcome Charlotte to the team.


Hello. I’m Charlotte – creative and curious at heart, I write to inform, paint and dance for play and communicate for a living. For the last decade, the latter has predominantly been working as a Manager of all sorts within the PR, Advertising and Brand space, and currently as a Strategic Brand & Communication Consultant in Colorado Springs, America.

As creative agencies are usually synonymous with high staff turnover and burn out (understandable in a collaborative, project driven, fast-paced, ego-filled and creatively demanding space), working within these environments unsurprisingly culminated in not only the usual growth that comes with career development, but also the growth of a rather strong passion for fostering employee (your) well-being and mental health at work, and in love and life (yep it’s all connected).

Using global research, personal experience (of my own and others), supported by a Masters Degree exploring Human Resources, Organisational Psychology and Employee (your) Welfare,

I have developed meditation programmes, workshops, articles, as well as a book (soon to be published) discussing the latest findings and practice on this subject. As it turns out, with ‘collaborative, project-driven, fast-past and creatively demanding’ now describing many of the industries you’re working within, the impact of work on your life is not limited to creative agencies, as is the lack of key life skills to counter this. And, as life would have it, responsibility for change predominantly starts with you.

I hope that my collection of words can give you an awareness of those misconceptions and truths that support the positive development of your strongest asset (your mind), all to help you have a more balanced (healthy) and successful life no matter what goals and adventures you choose.

1st Article – Our workplace existence