Are you a consultancy looking for an independent consultant to join your team on a project? Are you a business owner or executive needing help with a specific problem or project?
I am an experienced management consultant who works with SMEs, startups, scaleups and online based businesses. 



Whether you are after a micro health check or a thorough deep dive assessment, I partner with businesses delivering actionable insights. My recommendations are strategic and growth focused and include a clear roadmap.


Hire me to facilitate your strategy, innovation and design thinking workshops. Available for half and full day workshops. Tailored workshop series available upon request.


If you are after digital expertise along your transformation journey, I provide done-for-you services and leadership on a project basis. This includes project and change management services.


My core problem solving tool kit includes human centered design. If you are ready to design frictionless customer and employee experience journeys, please get in touch.


Your business is growing and you need support with the changes impacting your teams. As your leadership mentor, I work alongside you and help you design the future operating model, including assistance with the hiring process.


If you are ready to grow your business, I’m ready to work on a winning growth strategy with you. This is a highly customised service that takes into account your growth goals and helps you develop, design and plan your future roadmap.


“We hired Jarka to help us with our B2B strategy and market positioning. Jarka facilitated a number of workshops that unearthed insights and ideas we were able to build on. We’ve arrived at a 12 month roadmap, which Jarka helped us implement. Our sales have grown by 65% each month and we are building up to a raise soon. We highly recommend Jarka to any business.”

Paul and Peter Apostolopoulos, Founders of mCare Digital

“Jarka inspired, motivated and guided us to be better with our business. We have learned so much from her and implemented a number of strategic changes we’ve worked on during our strategy sessions. New customers are finding us online and we’ve never been busier.”

Corinne and Cameron Boxsell, Founders at Two Seas Creative

“If you need direction, support or a starting point for change in your business, I’d encourage you to hire Jarka. I have worked with her in a number of capacities from website design, social media management to strategy and branding. Jarka’s talent, experience and passion encompass both the creative and the corporate world.” 

Jane Dempster, Freelance Photographer


What do you specialise in?
Strategy and digital transformations. Both areas are not only aligned with what interests me the most but also my background, experience and skillset. 

Previous employers used to refer to me as the ‘girl who gets tech and people’ because I’ve always had an interest in technology and how it transforms businesses and lives of people. 

I’ve got a personal interest in software development and innovation and closely follow the Sydney tech startup scene. I am equally fascsinated by psychographics and etnographic research and I regularly work with people in coaching, mentoring, research and teaching capacities. 

What is your consulting approach?
I partner with businesses for desired outcomes. My approach is consultative, collaborative and experience based. Unlike many consultants who are brought in for shorter term engagements to deliver recommendations, I am often engaged in a more ‘high-touch’ capacity thus I embed myself inside organisations to deliver sustainable longer term change.

This allows me to experience the culture, work environment and business practices first hand and implement sustainable change that companies can build upon.

I don’t necessarily have a preference for the types of engagements. I am open to a discussion with you regarding your requirements and agree on the best way forward. Equally, if I am not able to assist you, I am upfront about that too and likely to be able to recommend someone from my network.

What are your consulting rates?

I usually charge a daily rate however longer term engagements (6+ months) are available on a monthly retainer that includes a discount when compared to my daily rate.

Project based pricing is also possible however prior scoping and consultation is required.

Depending on the type of engagement, complexity and business size, my daily rate is between $2,000 – $2,500. 



Are you after a beautifully designed WordPress website at a fraction of the price? Or your existing website needs an update? I also take on regular website maintenance – ask me about it!


Are you a business owner who’d like to ‘pick my brain’? Would you benefit from being coached for a period of time in order to uplevel and transform your business and teams?


Are you an online based business owner who is ready to outsource? Are you struggling to get everything done? Need help with tech?

Let’s chat!