How I wrote my first eBook

A big warm welcome to you all reading this post – it’s been a bit quiet on the blog and there is a very good reason for it. I’ve been pouring my heart, soul and energy into something special for you. My first eBook. It feels great to know that very soon I’ll be sharing … Continue Reading

Disruptors and change makers

The more often I meet people that challenge the status quo, the more inspired and creative I become in my own life. It’s like the words, actions and energy of these disruptors and change makers carry a special type of DNA. I believe we have entered the ‘people revolution’ – where the new way of … Continue Reading

Free photo editing software

I took the plunge and signed up for an online blogging course which is already bringing me so much joy and excitement. Going through the modules and worksheets reminds me of how much I actually like learning new things and doing homework… I know you might be saying homework never sounded this good but when … Continue Reading

The rise of the entrepreneur // The Collective Magazine event

THE LINE UP There was a fantastic article in the most recent issue of the ‘The Deal’ magazine (part of the The Australian newspaper) that made a reference to the rise of the entrepreneurial culture. Wanting to become a Lawyer, Doctor or Engineer is no longer ‘in vogue’ – kids these days strive for more … Continue Reading

Blogging essentials // Blogsociety Retreat 2014

I’ve attended a fantastic workshop recently organised by Blogsociety  which delivered a major shift in my thinking. 3 years ago I started my website on photography and had a modest blog attached to it predominantly for fun and for sharing my travel stories. My blogging host was one of those lesser known companies and signing … Continue Reading