Business Coaching

It’s simple, really. If you want to succeed in business, you can’t do it on your own! No doubt you’ve heard this saying before.

Yes, it definitely refers to having the right people on your team supporting you, and that includes hiring a good business coach. Think about it this way – having a business buddy who you can ask anything, who is up to speed with the latest technology, marketing and branding trends and here to help you grow your business, pronto!

What makes me unique?

I work with other business owners in a capacity of an advisor, consultant and online business manager. It means I not only have experience running my own business but also supporting other businesses grow and scale through hands on integration and implementation of projects.

In other words, what sets me apart from other business coaches is my ability to execute on strategy. I’ve expanded my business to provide Online Business Management (OBM) and Website Design services in addition to coaching due to increased demand for reliable hands-on support.

My business coaching approach comes from experience, not theory.


No doubt you’ve got some questions. I have prepared a list of those most frequently asked but if you’d like to connect with me and ask something I haven’t covered here, you can always do so by booking a free 30 minute chat via this link.

What does a business coach do?

Helps you break down your business goals and intentions into an actionable plan. A good business coach will be available for questions in between sessions and reviews work you’d like feedback on, such as your strategy, pricing models, online course/membership ideas and copy etc.

They act as a confidant in all matters of business and often have a large network of contractors they can recommend for other services, such as accountants, lawyers, graphic designers, social media managers, virtual assistants, web designers etc.


What kind of businesses do you work with?

My niche is working with service based businesses, such as coaches, consultants, writers, photographers, meditation teachers, nutritionists, healers, kinesiologists and yoga teachers. Most of my clients also sell online digital products such as online courses, memberships, workshops or other digital products.

Most of my clients are purpose driven business owners who care about the wellbeing of people and the planet. I am also a big advocate of technology being used for good in the world and as such I often consult and coach with tech startup founders. I am an investor and advisor in one such tech startup on a permanent basis.

What do business coaching sessions look like?

I offer business coaching packages that start with a minimum of 3 months commitment. Sessions take place fortnightly (every 2 weeks) and go for 60 minutes each, except the kick off session, which is 90 minutes. As such, you get 6 sessions in total and unlimited access to me via email and WhatsApp in between of the sessions.

If you are working on a project and require support more frequently, I am also open to changing the frequency of the sessions to weekly and/or the length of the coaching commitment to 6+ months. Discounts apply to those who sign up to 6+ months of business coaching.  

How much does it cost to coach with you?

Early stage business owners:
(assessment whether this is for you will be conducted during our discovery call)

3 months coaching package with 6 sessions = $5,000 + GST

Custom packages available upon request

Seasoned business owners:
(assessment whether this is for you will be conducted during our discovery call)

3 months coaching package with 6 sessions = $8,000 + GST

Custom packages available upon request

Do you offer other coaching services?

Yes, from time to time depending on my capacity, I also offer life coaching and career coaching services. These are evaluated on an individual basis.

Please feel free to email me anytime with your enquiry and I will get back to you within 24 hrs.


Working with Jarka turned my life around! I regained my energy and passion for work and learning and I found the courage to take on new and exciting challenges. Jarka is incredibly talented and inspiring and has reminded me just how much I am capable of achieving if I apply focus and strengthen my confidence. 

Erin Kreiss, VC Fund Manager

Mentoring with Jarka is a really amazing experience – it is the prefect combination of masculine and feminine energies, combined in a way that is gentle, loving and inspires action. Jarka is a truly supportive mentor/coach who is able to ask deep and meaningful questions, get to the bottom of what you truly want and support you in acheiving your goals. I highly recommend working with Jarka – it’s worth the investment in yourself!

Hayley Donohue, OBM

We founded our tech startup 6 years ago but only truly scaled up after we hired Jarka as our mentor. We are brothers and we often overlooked the need to reflect and tackle some of those difficult conversations we’ve been avoiding. With Jarka’s mentorship, we’ve introduced greater transparency and more strategic leadership that brought about clarity and subsequently helped us not only grow sales but also our team. Jarka was fundemental in this process and we’ve enjoyed her mentoring the way. We’ve been working with her for over 12 months now and can’t imagine not having her in our corner.

Paul and Peter Apostolopoulos. Founders of mCare Digital



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