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Written by Jarka Kunova

Jarka is an Online Business Manager, Business Coach and Digital Creative supporting service based online businesses, SMEs and startups. She brings her practical, human centred and innovative approach to every project and enjoys working in an agile way. Jarka loves writing, photography and travel and she regularly volunteers with Lifeline helping combat social isolation for the elderly.
August 13, 2017

I love a good book recommendation just like I love coming across a good Spotify playlist (my latest obsession).

Even though I prefer reading actual printed books, I must admit I started listening to audiobooks and I was pleasantly surprised just how much I like it. It’s a convenient way of consuming content and I often find myself listening to a book in my car or whilst I commute on a train.

When I published my last book recommendations article in January, it was a very popular post so I thought it would be a great idea to share some good reads with you again for the second half of this calendar year and let’s face it, we could all use a bit of motivation. This list was compiled with a ‘business hat on’ so if you are building one right now, these could greatly assist you.

I must admit, this year I read more books than I have in the last 3 years combined! That is largely attributed to the convenience of audible.

There were a couple of books that really stood out to me and also helped me build my online business and I would like to share these with you today. In addition to my top 2,  I have reached out to a couple of my entrepreneur friends and asked them to share their own favourites so you’ll have a lovely selection of books to tie you over the next few months.


She means business by Carrie Green

Carrie has a members club called the ‘Female Entrepreneurs Association’ and I’ve been part of it for the last couple of years. It was in this group that I found out Carrie was working on her first book. I must say, she is one of those online entrepreneurs that I find very relatable and I believe this was the reason why I felt like I wanted to read more about her entrepreneurial journey. As someone who is super successful now, it was interesting to read about her early days and just how many times she had to pivot to arrive at the successful idea.

But the book is so much more than just Carrie’s business story – it has practical tips and exercises that you can do alongside of reading it. It was a real inspired read that helped me bridge a bit of a slump in my own business and think more creatively about what’s next for me. I don’t know about you, but I like reading the real stories, the ups and downs of being in business rather than just the highlight real of someone’s efforts. This book is that and so much more.

#AskGaryVee book by Gary Vaynerchuck

I remember this as if it was yesterday: I heard Gary being interviewed by Amy Porterfield on her podcast and I just couldn’t bring myself to listen to it for more than a couple of minutes. I thought: ‘This guy is so full of himself, he is so loud and super animated’ and that first impression alone just polarised me. Until I actually came across one of his short films (as he calls them), which blew me out of the water. I then tuned into his YouTube channel and the rest is history. This guy is incredibly motivating PLUS he is no BS (my kinda person). He’s got a daily vlog where he documents his life as a CEO of a large media agency – you have to check it out.

Super high energy, outspoken and a real hard worker. He provides advice to those who are building businesses and he always seems to be able to predict the latest social media trends. t’s pretty much what this book is about – audience questions about business and him answering them. It follows the format of his #AskGaryVee show on YouTube but of course compacted into a book collection and it’s a good one. I listened to it via audible and the once annoying bravado like persona is something I adore about him the most. I get him and I love the fact that he pulls from opposite ends – he is a major contradiction but aren’t all brilliant people that way? You might need to learn to like Gary but once you do, your business will thank you for that.


Sarah Jensen is a sought after online business coach, internationally published writer, host of the iTunes New and Noteworthy “Rock Your Goals” podcast, and creator of the award winning Rock Your Goals workshops.  Sarah helps women build a business and life they love (that loves them right back) without going broke or burning out in the process.  She believes in owning your awesome, writing your own rules, and chocolate.  Connect with Sarah via her website. 

Get Rich Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas

I absolutely love Denise’s no BS approach to money mindset.

From forgiveness work, to choosing amazing money mentors, and incrementally upgrading your life, Denise’s book ‘Get Rich Lucky Bitch” is filled with practical activities to help you ditch your negative money beliefs and create the first class life you really want.

The other awesome thing about Denise is she’s a total straight shooter, and while she doesn’t sugar coat things, she still shares in a way that makes you laugh, relate AND want to be her best friend, all at the same time.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re getting in the way of your own success, you struggle to make (or save) money, or you’re ready to next level the shiz out of your biz financially, you need to read this book!

Money Maven Tip from the Book: decluttering is a great activity to release the old and create space for the new, and Denise has this killer tip to make decluttering easier “if you really treasure an item but still want to get rid of it, take a photo of it then give it away.  You’ll feel lighter and you’ll make space for more (good stuff)”.

Remarkability by Lorraine Murphy

This book is an absolute must read for all female entrepreneurs, and like a spectacular slice of chocolate cake, I absolutely INHALED this book.

Seriously, I couldn’t put it down!

And when I did I was counting the hours until I could pick it back up again.

This gem of a book is filled with sometimes hilarious (and always relatable) stories, plus tonnes of super practical, easy to implement tips to help you run a better business.

Lorraine has shared her incredible learnings and personal experience from over 12 years in business.  From tips on productivity, building your profile, becoming a revenue magnet and beyond; Lorraine has even created a “GSD” (Get Shit Done) list at the end of each chapter so you can take simple, focused and immediate action.

If you want to grow your business and feel like a super confident, super organised and super successful #bosslady in the process, this book is for you.

Biz maven tip from the Book: Lorraine shared so many amazing tips in Remarkability, but here’s one of my favourites – it’s a tip to help you when you’re feeling really worried about something.

Here’s the theory:

  1. Decide what it is you’re actually worried about (reduces worry from 100% to 50%).
  2. Decide what you’re going to do to resolve that situation (reduces worry from 50% to 10%).
  3. Take the actions you decided to take (eliminates worry altogether).

Mary-Anne launched her marketing agency ‘Wise up marketing’ in 2010 and has worked with over 100 businesses, helping them to grow and maximise opportunities available online. Her corporate background as a Strategic Brand and Marketing specialist enabled her to hone the ability to balance creativity with financial realities, launching products and brands with an innate ability to capture a target market’s attention.

More Money for Shoes by Melissa Browne

This book was a great “work book” style approach to understanding the dollars and cents of your business. Whilst comparing all aspects of building a successful business by analogies to pulling together a great wardrobe – music to my ears! I found myself completing the activities and starting to see my business in a whole new light.

What to do when it’s your turn by Seth Godin

A lovely friend bought me this book, and I love the graphic “magazine-style” of it. It’s a book that makes you recognise there is potential in every person and its time to step up to the plate and embrace all that you can be. A great book for anyone needing a shove in the right direction!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these inspiring books and feel excited to dive into at least one of them .



And because I believe sharing the passion for reading is a sure way of spreading it, I have one copy of ‘She means business’ by Carrie Green to give away to one lucky reader.

Congratulations to Natasha Lindfield who shared her favourite book ‘First, we make the beast beautiful’ by Sarah Wilson via Instagram and won the book giveaway prize.


Love and light,


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  1. Diala Barsoum

    I’m currently reading a great . book: “10 Seconds of Courage – How to recognise and embrace those life-changing moments” by Nadine Champion. Nadine shares her techniques to find courage in all areas of life through her experience of competing and training in martial arts at an international level. I lam loving her humor, as well as her practical tips that can be applied to life personally and in a business sense and her no nonsense approach to have the courage to jump in to things that seen impossible.

    • Jarka Kunova

      This sounds like a great read, Diala. We can all use a bit of courage every day… thank you for sharing your favourite read with us.

  2. Amanda Coneyworth

    What an awesome list Jarka!! My favourite book of 2017 is Drop the Ball by Tiffany Dufu. It’s not a new one but it came into my life at the perfect time with Baby C close to arriving. For those with a successful career or business aspirations, this is the perfect book to remind you that you can’t do everything at home by yourself – it’s all about letting go of control, utilising the skills of others, and learning how to allocate your time to high value tasks. I definitely needed to read it so I could finally let go of my high standards and ask for help!

    • Jarka Kunova

      Thanks Amanda for sharing your favourite read. It’s such an important note about not trying to do everything yourself – I must admit I tend to buy into my own perfectionist tendencies from time to time and then take on too much. It’s still a balancing act but at least these days I tend to realise when I went one step too far. Enjoy the last few weeks before baby C comes – I can’t wait to meet her. Lots of love xx

  3. ANGIE Duncan

    Thank you for this blog post!!! Love it. A couple of book that I already had on my radar and just added two more!!! I made a goal to read more book last month and I am going to read one book every month till the end of the year!!!! Now just waiting on my amazing order!

    • Jarka Kunova

      I am glad you enjoyed reading this blog post. What a great idea reading a book a month. Can’t wait to hear how you go. Enjoy xx

  4. Sarah Jensen

    Thank you so much for inviting me to share my favourite biz books lovely lady, it’s an honour and a joy to combine my passions for reading and business, and I hope your wonderful community enjoy the books as much as I did.

    Also, huge congratulations to the beautiful Natasha Lindfield on winning a copy of Carrie Green’s “She Means Business”. I’ve got this one in the “book pile” ready to read and I can’t wait. 🙂

    • Jarka Kunova

      Thank you, Lovely. I absolutely loved sharing your book recommendations here with the DBL tribe. Jx

  5. Jonathan

    Hi Jarka, thanks for recommending these.

    She Means Business is also on my list of must-listen-to audiobooks. Despite the name, it isn’t just for women, as Carrie Green provides some excellent tips that will apply to any business owner.

    It’s good to see Gary Vee on this list too – I feel like any of his books could just as easily end up here. I particularly like the Q&A format of #AskGaryVee, though, as it makes it super easy to pick up when you need some specific advice.

    Thanks for the Seth Godin recommendation – I’ve added this to my list to listen to 🙂


    • Jarka Kunova

      Hi Jonathan for your comment. I agree, Carrie’s ‘She Means Business’ book is very versatile and would definitely be useful to any entrepreneur. I too love Gary’s refreshing, ‘say it as it is’ attitude and all his books are amazing, definitely agree on that. Thanks for stopping by.


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