Mindset Matters: Jo Lam

MINDSET MATTERS : JO LAM FROM ORLI.COM.AU My guest today is Jo Lam, the founder of Orli – organic living. A truly kind and conscious soul who encourages consumers to think about their purchases and evaluate the ‘stuff’ they really need. Her vision for Orli is to become an ethical beauty hub where the beauty … Continue Reading

Career negotiation strategies

It was one of those rainy Wednesday evenings that made you wanna go home straight after work and just settle in with a big cup of tea on the lounge. But instead, I was headed into the city from my Surry Hills bubble to be a panelist at General Assembly. I was excited to meet … Continue Reading

Mindset Matters with Amanda Waaldyk

We don’t meet people by accident – I believe they enter our lives at the right time to deliver the message we really need to hear. When I first spoke to Amanda, I knew I met a kindred spirit. At the time I was pondering over the concept of identifying how to choose love over … Continue Reading

Mindset Matters with Brittney Carmichael

Just a few words that describe my next guest on Mindset Matters: Brittney Carmichael. Brit is an entrepreneur, blogger and motivational speaker who is known for her spiritual straight talking style and ability to make women feel beautiful – inside and out. You will not want to miss this interview that’s filled with honest discussions … Continue Reading

What does it mean to be designed by life?

PURPOSE I’ve been fascinated by the concept of ‘having a place in the world’ and what it means to discover ‘your way of jamming each day, every day’. If there was a time to explore how this looks like for you, it’s now. Not just because we’ve got the internet as a platform but also … Continue Reading

Mindset Matters with Sarah Jensen

When I thought about inviting a guest to talk about the concept of ‘not being for everyone’, there was one person who popped into me mind immediately: Sarah Jensen. I first met Sarah online and I was fortunate enough to connect with her through our mutual interests: blogging and coaching. But as time went on … Continue Reading

Why clarity is key in business

You have a great idea and you’ve got what it takes to start a business. If this is your thinking process, it also means you are likely to be confident and have the courage to take that first defining step. Congratulations! You are half way there. But what’s next? The ever so difficult road towards … Continue Reading

You are not for everyone

Over the years, I found that understanding who your ‘people’ are, is incredibly difficult. Mainly because not everybody chooses to be honest and upfront and it’s not unusual that people pretend just to be liked. It’s made more difficult by the innate desire to ‘belong’, to be liked and accepted. But how would you know … Continue Reading