How does your work make you feel?

These last couple of weeks have been rather chaotic and to say the least ’emotional’. Not so much for me personally but for some of my friends and work colleagues around me… I think to some degree people are reflecting on the financial year and whether you are in business for yourself or part of … Continue Reading

Blogging essentials // Blogsociety Retreat 2014

I’ve attended a fantastic workshop recently organised by Blogsociety  which delivered a major shift in my thinking. 3 years ago I started my website on photography and had a modest blog attached to it predominantly for fun and for sharing my travel stories. My blogging host was one of those lesser known companies and signing … Continue Reading

Dare to be great // The journey to ‘designedbylife’

YAY, I AM HERE! It has taken me a while to start on my first post but I am here. With clear direction, motivation and importantly with a lot of self-love. It all comes down to your state of mind, the peace and balance you feel within you. If it’s there then creativity will thrive, … Continue Reading