Do you have a daily rhythm for being more productive and getting the most out of your days? I came across a lot of different working styles in my time and they proved to me that we all have different energy rhythms. Some of us will always be early risers, some of us late night owls and it’s OK. There is no right or wrong as soon as you understand how best to stay productive and produce great quality outputs.

Have you evaluated your energy outputs and inputs? Image credit Braid Creative
Have you evaluated your energy outputs and inputs? Image credit Braid Creative


Before we dwell into some action points lets answer the following questions:

+ What time of the day do you feel the most energetic?
+ Are you an early riser or come alive at night?
+ Do you exercise regularly and when?
+ Do you network and how much time do you spend on it every day?
+ Do you watch a lot of TV?
+ Do you often hear yourself say you are good at multitasking?
+ Is your diet well balanced?
+ Do you get distracted easily?
+ Do you say ‘yes’ to people often?

I guess the first step is to tune into your own daily energy flow and identify the peak and off peak times. These questions are designed to assist you with a bit of housekeeping before you draft up your productivity planners.


Regardless of your current job status let that be full time employment, freelance work or building your own business, being productive and holding yourself accountable for it should be part of your fundamental wiring. It’s the only way to success. So let’s get into it:

1. Tackle the most important task first

Set yourself your biggest task of the day to be completed first (early in the day). Accomplishing something that will make the biggest impact to your business or job will create a sense of accomplishment.

2. Get fit

Regular exercise (preferably daily) will raise your energy levels, keep you positive and support your creativity flow.

3. Have a routine

People that have achieved success in their lives have all had some form of a routine in their days. Being predictable is not a bad thing if that creates space for uninterrupted brainstorming work for that next big idea…

4. Minimise your time spent in meetings

Meetings can be the worst enemies of productivity. Manage their frequency and duration. A good tip I’ve received from someone was stand up meetings – they tend to wrap up a lot faster. Always have an agenda and don’t go overtime.

5. Don’t watch too much TV

You need to make a choice for yourself: are you a creator or a spectator? If you want to create you can’t be wasting time watching TV.

6. Stop multitasking

Recent research shows that focusing on one task at a time will get you results a lot faster. Not only that but the quality of your finished product or service will be that much more impressive. Re-doing something if rushed the first time can be costly and time consuming.

7. Turn off notifications on your phone and computer

This goes for those pesky email pop ups or all the social media notifications on your phone. It’s been proven that each time you distract yourself from what you were doing it takes another 15 minutes before you can get fully back into concentrating again.

8. Set aside a solid block of time to check emails and stick to it

It could be an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon but don’t keep checking them continuously throughout the day. It will just distract you from what you were doing.

9. Work in 60 minute blocks

60 minute blocks of focus will enhance your concentration ability – then take a break. Make yourself a cup of coffee, tea or go for a short walk.

10. Nourish your body with wholesome and healthy foods

The right choices will boost your energy and deliver that creative fuel you need for the big ideas to eventuate.

11. Know your worth and act accordingly

Say ‘no’ with confidence if what you are being asked isn’t honouring your worth, values or skills.

12. Say good bye to the ‘energy vampires’ 

Negative people can only breed further negativity – that’s not what you stand for. Remove them or yourself from such environment. They will only suck your energy or put you down until you’ve got nothing.

13. Get a good night sleep

It’s recommended to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.

14. Don’t be so available to everyone

Occasionally work from home, from a cafe or even a park or beach and schedule some uninterrupted thinking and creating time.

15. Go against the tide

By that I mean do things during off-peak times. Like grocery shopping, going to the gym, movies, travel etc. You get things done quicker and probably without any feelings of frustration or anger.

Any other tips that you might have for us? Please share what works for you managing your time every day. Just remember to breath, have fun and keep positive.


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Love this post! Think I need to go through some of the tips and evaluate where my energy is being zapped. Found your blog through Blog Society and love it. Have book marked it and will be following along. x


Thank you, Jacqueline. I am glad you found the tips helpful and really happy to be connecting with you. x

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