The word ‘alignment’ is used in our online business world quite often indicating that what we do in our businesses is aligned with what feels good to us. Then there is the actual journey of getting there – it’s definitely not linear as many would have us believe. This topic has surfaced in a couple of my coaching sessions recently and led to some rather interesting discussions. Today’s post is inspired by my brilliant coaching clients and their deeply rooted desire to live and work in a way that feels good from the inside out.


Alignment both in my life and how I run my business comes from an anchored sense of knowing myself and trusting my path in life. I developed this sense of being by knowing what my core values are. That inner compass that helps me make choices, show up and comprehend the world around me. I have them written down, they form part of my ideal day, my vision and mission statement and I regularly journal about the way they support me.

From here I embarked on changing some of my daily habits like swapping out my morning sleep ins for meditation, no longer getting a drink after work with colleagues but instead going to yoga and I started saying ‘no’ to social engagements that didn’t light me up.

Over time these new habits shifted me into a state of greater self awareness and a sense of calm that comes from trusting myself more and more each day.

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This ‘knowing’ however doesn’t come naturally to most people. I had a number of lengthy conversations with clients about the reality of running heart centred businesses. Many of them are craving alignment in order to know how to run and grow their businesses. They feel like they have tried so many different strategies but nothing seems to be working. They feel overwhelmed, confused, lost, exhausted and some even start resenting their beautiful businesses.

They watch on as others are seemingly creating successful businesses and it leaves them feeling empty or jealous. What follows is often procrastination, social isolation and sometimes even physical symptoms like fatigue, anxiety or depression.


You could choose to seek answers outside yourself and try a number of different modalities – these can come in forms of endless courses, books, workshops, Google-ing of answers, psychic readings, ‘how to’ articles – or you can do the inner work and aim for self awareness.

I can tell you this with confidence: true alignment doesn’t come from following someone else’s ‘strategy or formula’ for success. When you are ready, life will call you to explore your world within and anchor into your knowing. This is where self worth resides, where confidence and self trust encourage you into action, where you are attracting your dream clients who are paying you for your services and products because they see value in what you bring, where your creativity flows each day and you are surrounded by like minded people who love you and support you.

I know, you might be thinking: ‘but where do I start?’ I hope this article will inspire you to swap some old habits for new ones and if you are really brave, reach out for support. I worked with a coach who held space for me, provided a listening ear, encouraged me to trust myself and lovingly tended to my vision while I was ‘doing the inner work’.



Create a vision for your business – what is it that you really want to achieve, how are you going to make a difference and how are you helping others? Working towards your vision won’t be easy but it will be heart opening, soul nourishing and it will help you grow. The process will teach you more about yourself, about patience, persistence and resilience. All qualities so very important for the modern day entrepreneur.


It’s the way you work. I personally like to work in 90 day chunks. What that means is that I set a big bold heart centred goal and anchor myself into the meaning of this goal so solidly that every strategy and task aligns with this focused attention. I recently created a workbook that can help you stay focused. Download it here.

This approach will help you stay in your lane and understand more about your strengths and weaknesses. It’s how you get to know what it means to embrace your own journey that’s yours alone. It facilitates this respectful ignorance of everything others are doing. You need to become a creator, not a consumer. You know, the kind of person who doesn’t look elsewhere for inspiration but rather seeks it from within. So you don’t become this ‘less than’, ‘not quite there yet’ anxious wreck who ends up burnt out, lost and confused.


If focus is the ‘exploring’, then desire is the pulse that keeps you at it. It’s that fire in the belly, that feeling in your dreams where you are finally flying high enough off of the ground that no one can pull you down anymore.

That weightlessness, effortlessness and energy that truly takes your vibration into another dimension. This almost bubble like dedicated space where time doesn’t seem to exist and your physical form defies all rules known to man kind. Desire is good, desire is juicy, it wants to show you joy. Lean more into it and feed your curiosity.


Few will ever make it this far. This is however where the magic happens. This is the space where connecting with the self and intuition really takes place. The doorway to alignment where you’ll start understanding how it actually happens for you.

When you get elevated into the simplicity and magnificence of stillness, you will feel like a conduit for something bigger and better, something that almost feels like it’s outside of you yet you are acutely aware that at the same time you are expanding with it. It will feel like home; it will remind you of your childlike joy and memories that will start seeping back into your life like they never left your site.

Those that regularly retract from the worldly elements of being, do it because they are called to connect. They are fully aware of their one-ness with the Universe and they want to explore it more.


You work towards elevation first and understand that in the process of it you will fall time and time again. But then one day you’ll arrive – into stillness. I like to think about it as a state of mind, body and soul. It’s a feeling of contentment, that inner knowing that no matter how hard life gets, you will be OK.

It’s trusting and knowing yourself to be love. It’s understanding your ego and making friends with it. It’s that inner peace that embraces you each and every day. It’s recognising all your qualities and showing up with them confidently. It’s creating what you most enjoy and being surrounded by people who you love and they love you back.


You enter ‘being’ through practicing stillness over and over again. It’s that space of ‘no longer wanting’ and defined as the opposite of ‘doing’. You are no longer pushing, pulling, striving, plotting, over thinking, worrying, distracting yourself… You simply are. When you can feel with every cell of your being, both physical and emotional, that your vibration is one with where you are, who you are, why you are, when you are, your entire being is truly aligned with the purpose of the Universe FOR YOU!

It’s when you feel peace, joy, love, that flutter in your heart, that feathery feeling tingling your body, that weightlessness of your human form, that brightness and warmth of the light surrounding you… It’s where love exists in its purest form. It’s where fear is merely something you recall you once felt. It’s the contrast to everything society once made you believe.


I now know that we learn by contrast. The Universe was created in polarity – dark and light, good and bad, fear and love, happy and sad… If we realised that neither is right or wrong but rather they are part of the same divine creation, we would understand that choosing where we spend most of our lives is down to us.


It is your self expression in this lifetime. Through the knowing of ‘what is’ for you. Where your vibration is anchored in deeply felt values that paint a vision. Where focus and desire let you experiment and search for that doorway to elevation and stillness and ultimately your highest form of being. It’s then and only then that you truly understand what it is you are called to create. It’s how your soul will finally start meaningfully and effortlessly contributing to the tapestry of humanity.

You are invited to explore… today and every day. With a deeply rooted curiosity and courage you’ve been gifted by the Universe.

Love and light,






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