Just a few words that describe my next guest on Mindset Matters: Brittney Carmichael. Brit is an entrepreneur, blogger and motivational speaker who is known for her spiritual straight talking style and ability to make women feel beautiful – inside and out.

You will not want to miss this interview that’s filled with honest discussions about authenticity, owning your truth and showing up in the world with courage and sass.

Mindset+Matters+Brittney Carmichael

Brittney and I met via Instagram almost a year ago and ever since that time I’ve been watching her build an online business that’s supporting hundreds of women with a daily dose of genuine care and connection. There is something magical about Brit’s presence – almost ‘unicorn like’ – and I think you will understand what I mean once you watch this interview.



I’ve been fascinated by the concept of what it means to live an authentic life and how one goes about figuring it out for themselves. When I thought about inviting someone onto Mindset Matters to talk about this topic, Brit popped into my mind immediately. We dig deep and examine the role mindset plays in navigating this journey.


“We all have a gift but only a few of us ever explore it fully”, says Brit as we talk about courage and how to navigate change.


What I loved the most about this interview was the energy present between the two of us as we leaned into being spontaneous and free in our chat. Being able to share from an honest and genuine place requires a level of ease and trust and I feel like it really shines through. I hope you will find that too by watching this 35 minute video interview.

Mindset Matters Brittney Carmichael


Some of the highlights from our chat are:

+ the labels others impose on you can deeply effect your future choices

+ beauty begins within and what that means

+ how the catalyst for change often times involves having a negative experience first

+ do what you love and keep working at it

+ how guilt stops you from enjoying your choices

+ how to allow your intuition to lead instead of your ego

+ mantras, rituals and mentors in your life and just how much difference they can make

+ and of course much – much more!





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I hope you enjoyed our chat and I am looking forward to sharing the next episode of Mindset Matters in July. If there is a particular guest that you would like to suggest I interview, please let me know and I will attempt to organise that.

Love and light,




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